William Marsh – aged 67/68 – London (1755-1846)
Elizabeth Marsh (ne Tresilian) aged 53/54 – 3rd wife of William Marsh – London (1769-1838)
Arthur Cuthbert Marsh – aged 36/37 (1786-1849)
Amelia Marsh (Aunt Me) – aged 34/35 (1788-1861)
Madame Anne Gabiou (ne Marsh) aged 29/30 – Paris (1792-1870)
George Marsh – aged 27/28 (1790-1868)
William Marsh – aged 27/28 (1795-1824)
Mary Marsh – aged 23/24 (1798-1839)
Georgina Nelson Marsh – aged 21/22 (1801-1861)

Dairy of William Marsh


2nd November – Received a letter from Arthur to say that in consequence of my letter to Mr Forby, Admin, Tothill St, stating that I had heard from Mr Baber that he was looking out for such a House as mine at Knightsbridge, he had called in Scotland Yard and that Arthur had given him the outline, when he said he should write me, having no letter from him I wrote to say I would call upon him on Tuesday morning:- Brown, Tibbs and Tontus men looked in and I had a long consultation about removing — stone oven and placing Mrs Gee’s Boilers from Stark’s – A paid to take the oven down!

3rd November 1823

Draft to Mr Gates Ł5.2d

Wrote a letter to Mrs Gee and sent by Heath’s boy requesting permission to take down the useless brick oven in the kitchen and put up her steam kettles which were laying by and useless. To my surprise two men came down from May and Morris to fix the parquetry so that Mr Souter must have failed in his promise to give them my letter on Saturday when he got to Town.

4th November 1823

Draft to Brooks for Pumps Ł6.15

Going to Town by Gates, called on Mr Forty Tothill St, found it was for Lord DeDunstanville he wanted my house, approved his lordship to come and see it on Thursday at 11 o’clock.

In Scotland Yard, Westminster Office say Mr Plowden and Mr Cummings, urged both for Charles Crawford for a cadetship, the latter told me he knew Colonel Toone was so deeply engaged that although he would give 8s for one for his own nephew, he did not like to let the Colonel know he wanted one as he was sure he could not oblige him!!

At Mr Delmars about home, Arthur came in. In Berners St he called for me and took me out to Knightsbridge.

Called at May and Morris who have promised to set all things right at Orpington.

William at Knightsbridge.

5th Novmeber 1823

A complete foggy wet day.

Draft to Mr Allshorn Knightsbridge School on account Ł8.0

Mr Fauntleroy came from Brighton for a few days, quite well.

In Berners St all day, went home with Mr Graham to see Dr Pigott, Mr Stacey Fauntleroy and Mr Vernon.

Mr Fauntleroy took me to Knightbridge at night.

6th November 1823

A cloudy hazy morning.

Lord DeDunstanville, his daughter, niece and nephew came at half past 10 o’clock, went all over the premises with them, they seemed pleased but we parted without coming to any conclusion.

Could hardly see the Park.

Called on Mrs Ray.

In Berners St and at Mr Delmar’s with the report of dilapidations at Shorne I received yesterday from Mr Pidden Ł630.10.0. We agreed I should write to Mr Wells.

Met Captain Edwards by appointment who wanted Ł50 to bury his Father!

Went home by Tothhill St but Mr Forty not at home, only Arthur and his wife.

Draft, lent Mrs Marsh a letter for House Book etc Ł8.6.9

7th November 1823

Just as Arthur and I were leaving Knightsbridge Mr Elliot of Bond St came from Lord DeDunstanville’s to look at the house for him, left him with Mrs Emmett and John.

In Scotland Yard, and Berners St, saw Mrs F.

Called on Mr Robinson – and found Mr Gee could not conveniently lay out money.

At Mr Delmar’s with the Shorne Report, took a Bason of soup at Saunder’s.

In Scotland Yard again.

Paid Mrs Porter, Charing Cross for Towells Ł4.16..

5 o’clock took a chaise at Lawless’s and got home at half past 7 and found all well. Miss Malcolm with us.

8th November 1823

A fine day, did not leave the premises till we went out to dine at Camden Place. Horses from Plater jibbed going up the new made hill, got a cart horse from Mosyer’s Farm but it made us half and hour too late for dinner.

Sir Robert and Lady Wilmot and Mis C- there and Miss Weir

Mr Dawson dined there!

Dear Charlotte came home with us.

Mr Rowles going to Worcester tomorrow he says with Captain Long.

9th November 1823

At home all the morning writing Mr Wells at Cobham, Mr Delmar

Arthur –

Reverend Mr Stevens called.

Wrote for Poultry, fish etc and sent up by Gates.

This evening whilst writing felt very unwell with a cold weight at the stomach! Taken exceedingly sick just as we were going to bed and which continued for an hour at different times, also violent R-‘s have no idea of having eaten anything in particular after all took 6 ounces of Jasssuts (?) powder and passed a restless night took 5 grains more as soon as I got up.

10th November 1823

Took 4 (ounces?) of Calomel last night and a Stack? dose this morning.

Dear little Laura Rowles came at noon to pass the day and stay all night!

Answered a letter I received on Saturday from Mr J Marsh (Mark?) enclosing me the one the House wrote him and rather an oddly expressed letter for him to write! Sent it up altogether with my answer to Arthur, to take to Berners St

Better this evening but very weak and low.

Cash paid J.Strattford the Carrier ( and Busley) Ł3.14.9

11th November 1823

Dear Laura Rowles went before luncheon, her mother having sent for her!

Did not stir out all day.

At 6 o’clock Sir Robert and Lady and Miss Wilmot came and their servant little the less!

12th November 1823

Received a letter from Arthur stating that Lord DeDunstanville had been again to look at the house, and left word he would send a surveyor to look at it! Arthur had not seen his man and Mr Eliot, Bond St.

Sir Robert rode to East Hall to call upon Mr Dyke who he knew at Oxford, afterwards he and the girls had a pleasant walk.

Mr Dyke and his eldest son and Miss Thiale dined with us.

Sir Robert and Mr Dyke at Oxford all the afternoon.

13 November 1823

Sir Robert, Lady Wilmot and family left us this morning.

Received letter from Arthur and Mr Graham , Delmar etc, the former endorsing one from Lord DeDunstanville saying as far as he could judge he liked the house much and asking permission to send Mr Hakewill, his surveyor.

As the morning was now so dark and cold have determined to send for a chaise to go up this evening to Knightsbridge. Sent to Barham accordingly.

14th November 1823

Draft to Mrs Marsh, House Book Ł9.15.7

(Received a letter from Arthur enclosing – crossed out)

Got to Knightsbridge last night. Arthur’s dinner was going on table.

Mr Acton there.

Waited this morning expecting Mr Hakewill – Lord DeDunstanville’s surveyor, sent Mr Emnett to call at his house to know if he was in town, walked in the meantime and saw the Miss Morrisions and Miss Bennett.

Emmett returned: and I found Mr Hakewell would not be at home till tomorrow night or Monday morning. Wrote Lord Dunsterville and added that I should be up at all events on Tuesday at 12 noon.

Called on Mrs Ray.

In Berners St and saw only Mr Graham.

Wrote Mis Trenham and Captain Reynolds about the Canotts.

Got to Scotland Yard just in time for Gates and got Home soon after 6 o’clock.

Paid Graham (Gosham?), successor to Griffin, Lower Brook St for a haunch of mutton, basket and paid Thomas Pointer Ł0.8.0

15th November 1823

Had an investigation of the conduct of Jones the Cook, found she had grossly abused his trust by going and wasting and also capable of the grossest and untruths. As she was going away settled that she should not remain after Monday morning.

Fleming implicated as a Ric—!! Told him I should not keep him.

Tibbs came and ordered him to make an open lattice door for bottom of cellar stairs leading to the dairy, and also to move the stand for the pans inside the paling.

Dinned at 3 o’clock.

Mrs Sertt (?) called just as we had done by chance and not in consequence of any note by Henry.

Paid Radford cash for my subscription to the amendment to the White Hart Hill Ł5.0.0

16th November 1823

At Church this morning. Mr Townley only!

After luncheon Mrs Marsh and I drove over to Bromley and saw poor Charlotte Holland but certainly better. Dear Charlotte Caufurd and Miss Wilmot came in. Sir Robert and Lady Wilmot and Miss Caroline Holland, gone to call on Mrs Jenner at Chislehurst, met them all as we returned home.

Called at Mr Scott’s and got some medicine for Mrs Marsh, got home at 5 o’clock to dinner.

17th November 1823

Jones the Cook went with Gates this morning – paid her Ł5.10.0 in full!

Draft to self, being for Cash of Whittle to pay the above and Radford for subscription to the alteration of the hill Ł15.0.0

Cash paid Thomas Fleming 4 weeks due this day Ł2.16.0

18th November 1823.

Went to Knightsbridge with 4 horses from Footscray, with Mrs Marsh and the dear girls. Vicky and Frances.

Found Mr Hakewill there on the part of Lord DeDunstanville, he appeared to approve of the house.

In Scotland Yard, did not see Arthur.

Had horses for Mrs Marsh, from Fulham Bridge to go shopping.

In Berners St. The woman (a Mrs Marsh) where Arthur’s late nurse lodges called to know if we had heard any thing of my dear Father’s watch!! I told her it was or the duplicate bought to not a word further them should be asked!!

Mrs Marsh called for me and we all took a cold dinner and slept at Knightsbridge!!

Called at Westminster and took up Mr Sayer’s dividend and sent it to Willis House. Ł150.0.0. ride their receipt(?)

Called on Mr Delmar and we agreed to wait a few days longer in hope to hear from Mr Pemble’s administrators.

19th November 1823

Waited at home in expectation of hearing from Lord DeDunstaville ’till 3 o’clock.

In Scotland Yard, missed Arthur again!

In Berners St, found he had just left it with Mr F (Fauntleroy?)

Called at Mr Hakewill’s , not at home.

Got to Knightsbridge at 6 o’clock.

We all dined then and slept.

Horses from Billing’s again.

Found a letter had been left for me by his Lordship to say that in consequence of Mr Hakewill’s report he would give me Ł9,000 for my house and fixtures! Shall answer him tomorrow.

20th November 1823

Sent a man and horse with a letter to his Lordship at Twickenham saying the value of my pictures and offering to take Ł9,500 for house and them!

At 3 o’clock received his answer that he had made up his mind not to exceed the first offer.

Took an early dinner, with Mrs Marsh and girls and who at half past four o’clock returned to Orpington by way of Bromley.

Called in Scotland Yard, again missed Arthur, but Mrs A said he would come and breakfast with me tomorrow at half past 9 o’clock.

In Berners St saw Mr T and Mr F who agree with me that I shall do right to accept his Lordship’s offer of the Ł9,000!

Walked to my dear friend Mr Wheeler’s, drank tea there and staid till 10 o’clock.

I slept at Knightsbridge and found Mrs Emmett had got all ready for me.

Draft to Mrs Marsh – Ł6.6.0

21st November 1823

Arthur came to Breakfast and he also is of my opinion that I had better take his Lordship’s offer!

Cash paid the expense of J.Jackson for hay and considered by them to have been had by me in 1819 – Ł2.10.0.

Settled with Mrs Emmett up to Thursday next the 27th instant 4 weeks and also for the sundries laid out since we came here on Tuesday, including what I owed Dale Ł1.2.0 Advanced her Ł5 which leaves a balance of 19/8 in my favor! – Ł5.0.0

Draft to self – Ł10.10.0

In Berners St wrote Lord DeDunstanville to say I accepted his offer though I had agreed to meet Mr Hakewill on Friday next to go over the fixtures if it suited his Lordship.

Told his Lordship I would meet him sooner if he would wish it.

Got home by Gates at half past 6 o’clock.

Dt to Mrs Marsh Ł8.196

22nd November 1823

Mrs Marsh and girls went to Camden Place and Bromley.

With Tibbs in the cellar under the hall, found it —- for my wine.

About the garden with Whittle and gave him the lamps for the little green house also the Carnations and pinks from Mr Pigot at Shurdington near Chillenham!

Mr Townley called having heard up at Knookholls that we had all met with a bad accident!

23rd November 1823.

Received a satisfactory letter from Lord DeDunstanville.

Answered it and settled to me on Friday 12 o’clock at Knightsbridge.

Wrote Arthur, Mr Delmar

Letter also Mrs Emmett that I should not be up till Thursday to sleep.

Mr Volles called, as he is going to town tomorrow and we had a long conversation about the stove.

Mrs Marsh writing to her in the Church!!

24th November 1823

Walked to St May – – called on Major and Mrs Wood.

Sent a note to Mr Chapman Jun? to ask him to a Family Dinner on Wednesday. We expect the Woods and Mr Scott and Taynton!

In the meadows with Tibbs and Fleming.

Mr Townley called.

All Mr Rowles dear children came and took their Dinner. He to be over also, giving a much better account of Mr Rvnd Hollands health! As he found him able to walk about.

25th November 1823

Draft to Mrs Marsh House Book and Sundries Ł12.11.6

Sent Mrs Dyke 2 pints of the old Malaga! In her answer she things will do her good.

Mr Chapman Junior called and took luncheon and excused himself for tomorrow.

Wrote Arthur and Mr Graham

26th November 1825

Received letter from Mr. Delmar saying he had written Mr Edmead proposing a reference.

Draft to Vickery who leaves us – tomorrow Ł0.11.41

Mr Scott, Taynton and Major and Mrs Wood coming to dinner

To Thomas Whittle for sundry bills and also the Garden Engine bought at Gen. Moyarr Ł5.13.6

27th November 1823

Went to Town by Gates.

In Whitehall Place found a letter from Lord DeDunstanville by which I collected that he would expect his lawyers to be satisfied of the Shakespeare Title to lease!

At Westminster office received my fne Dividend Ł15

Called on Mr Delmar, he went with me to Mssr Graham’s Lincolns Inn and saw Mr Domville, do not think any difficulty will arise, as I find there is a clause to enforce the Heirs of Shakespeare to shew him Title

Called at M and found my old Silver Watch not done.

Went on to Godpey No.73 Chiswell St, Finsbury Square who buys lots of furniture, like his terms as far as words go very well

Called at Mr Hoopers, Tea Broker, old charge and ordered a chest of tea.

Took a Chop at London Coffee House.

In Berners St found Mr J Marsh was at 23 Conduit St, very ill. Called there, saw only good Mrs and George as he was dosing.

Got to Knightsbridge at 7pm, had tea and saw alt-and went in the cellar.

28 November 1823

Draft to Thomas Goding in full Ł11.7.6

Lord DeDunstanville and daughter, Mr Hakewill and Mr Elliot came at 12 o’clock and staid till half past 2 o’clock.

He will take but very few things, but appears to like the house more and more.

Alldrige packed 12 dozen port 1811 for Arthur and I sent for a permit for him to take it this afternoon!

To Whitehall Place found the deed that was out of the box was in our strong room.

Just time to see Arthur a few minutes in Whitehall Place, and get down by Gates at half past 6 to dinner.

Found Mrs Marsh had had a letter from Connell the Cook declining after all to come, Wrote her, Mr Delmar, Emmett by Gates for 2.

Post tomorrow, also Mrs Marsh, sent one for Lady Wilmot.

Wrote Miss T, wrote Lord DeDunstanville, Frank and sent her Ł10 to pay Wheeler

Received a letter from her, while I acknowledged.

29 November 1823

Sent to Plater for Horses to go and Dine at Camden Place.

Also upon further reflection wrote again to Connell as it is evident she must have heard some lying story in going up to Town again, and told Plater to dispatch by the first coachman or Post boy who would deliver it speedily in St.Martins

Lepard, Duke’s man here and I shewed him what I wanted in the cellar.

No news of the Canotts but Beadle sent 4 Chaldin of coals 2 yesterday and 2 today.

Cash to Fleming 2 weeks up to Monday next, Ł1.14

Mr and Mrs Welland, Mrs Franco, Mr and Mrs Desanger and Miss Winchester dined at the Rowles’s.

Mrs Marsh’s new maid servant Wellesly (Wealesly ?) came this evening.

30 November 1823

At Church. Blowing wet day.

Mr Dyke gave me a draft for Ł25 for his son’s Dt. Sent it up to Arthur.

Mr Taynton called and lanced dear Mary’s Gums!

Wrote Mrs Emmett we were coming up on Tuesday, also to Flintoff and told him call on Arthur for the Ł64.17.6

Sent some letters to Chislehurst (Chislehunt?) and a note to Camden Place to know if dear Mary’s broach she lost yesterday was found.

Received it back by Henry, it having been found in the Drawing Room.

1st December 1823

Cast to Mr Bunton for Henry’s Boots Ł2.6

Called Reverend (regarding?) Mr Stevenson’s but did not go in as his gardener told me he went to Town this morning.

Called at Poole’s about beer.

Tibbs here and gave him a plan for the Cellar for himself and Daker, he promised all should be done by Thursday next.

Saw Mr Dunniull who had bought me some Oats at 32/s delivered in.

Mrs Rowles, Miss Wec and dear little Byron called.

Sent to Barham for a Horse tomorrow to go to clear the dear old house at Knightsbridge if some articles we do not wish to part with, to be here at 10 o’clock.

2nd December 1823

Draft to Mrs Marsh for House Book and Sundries Ł11.2.6

Draft to Gipe and Keene, Bond St for Sundries Ł12.9.6

Friday evening: 19 December returned to Orpington by way of Bromley having arranged all things with Mr Holland as to what we wish to send down here, and with Mr Squibb what he should take to his auction room, also saw Mr Christie about my Pictures.

Saturday 20th, Finish with Alton —and his two sons bringing all my wine etc from Knightsbridge.

We dined at Sr and Mrs Lubbok’s.

Bills paid while in Town

1st Flintoff (Scotland Yard) Ł64.17.6

3rd December Dt to Rukman Ł38.8.6

4th December paid for mutton 6 Tuppall Court Ł1.0.0

Mrs Marsh for mourning for poor and Shankard? who died yesterday!! Ł20

6th Mrs Emmett for sundries Ł10.0.0

11th Mr Marsh House Book and Sundries Ł12.6.6

13 Tibbs Cash v on account Ł20

16th Mrs Marsh .. Ł11.3

18th Self .. Ł110.

19th Mrs Marsh Ł9.3.0

12 December 1823

Monday and Tuesday

Cash value in account with Dr Pigott Ł16.11.4

15th Dt with VR Wheeler 33.12.10

To my credit in Berners St Ł50.4.2

Monday 22nd December 1823

Going to Town with Gates to meet at Knightsbridge and begin to clean the dear old House for Lord DeDunstanville.

22nd Mrs Marsh Bd.Wages etc Ł12.. ..

23rd Dt to Mrs Martin 9.5.6

25th December 1823

Came down in a chaise to go to dine in Camden Place. Mr Rush Junior (grandfather?) and Mr Walton dined there.

Mrs Marsh did not leave Knightsbridge till Wednesday 3 o’clock.

Called in Scotland Yard and Berners St, did not get back to Dinner ’till half past 6 o’clock.

Found my deed of appointment of Trustees after my dear Father and Mr Graham’s Death missing.

Going again tomorrow, by Gates.

26th December 1823

Went up by Gates.

Met Mr Delmar in Whitehall Place.

Called on Mr Ward to look for the counterpart of my Man- Settlement to see if the appointment was endorsed upon it, not in my box at his house.

In Berners St found Mr Delmar there, searched the box with him and Mr Graham, the latter will go to Mr Ward’s and have a further search!

2 o’clock before I got to Knightsbridge, found Mr Smith there and Christie’s men beginning to move my pictures but they were so drunk – and Smith thought it best to send them away as they had only got the large picture down off the staircase!

Came down again by Gates.

27 December 1823

A fine morning.

Walked about the Premises and up to Flemings Cottage, Poole’s etc.

Sent Mr Dumnell who has been ill 6 bottles of Port 1814 Walton –

Sir John and Lady and Mr Lubbock, Mr Alt- Atkins, Mrs and Miss and Mr Atkins junior and Miss Pyearly and Reverend Mr. Stevens dined with us.

28 December 1823

At Church this morning.

Mr and Mrs Dyke and Family came in after Church. She went to Chislehurst to see Mrs Jenner, he staid two hours with me.

Prevented writing by the Post but it does not much signify as I am going to Town tomorrow morning by Gates.

21 December 1823

Better this morning than last night when I feeling ill.

Dt to Mrs Marsh House book, dear Girls allowance and sundries Ł16.0.6

About with Holland’s people.

Called Major and Mrs Wood, saw only her.

Mr Lubbock called to Practice singing with the dear Girls.

All the evening with Smith’s man hanging up my dear Father’s Picture, the small Portraits and those in my Brown Room etc etc.

1st January 1874