1st January 1824

My old friend Admiral Bowen and his Daughter called at 11 o’clock from Halsted to take dear Georgina there, to got with Mr and Mrs Atkins etc, to the Yorks (Oaks?) Ball tonight.

Called for first time on the Reverend Mr Stevenson, his sister in Town, left him a key of the Bath No.3.

Holland’s men finished this evening all but what we can do without them!

Sorting out the Books with Mrs Marsh and dear Mary.

Intend going up tomorrow morning by Gates.

2nd January 1824

Went up by Gates.

Found Arthur at Breakfast.

Called on Mr Dyer Admiralty to ask if he know of any Plan going on for Collection Models Pictures etc into a Gallery at Greenwich Hospital, he believed there was but did not know particulars, but promised to speak to Mr Lockyer the Secretary.

At Christie’s, found he had not yet made out the Catalogue.

Called and paid Collins the Butcher for dear Mary’s — present of Round Beef to poor old Charles Burp.

At Squibb’s and found them being preparing the Furniture for next Wednesday’s sale.

In Berners St, wrote Mr Eckford an answer to his note about an application for his nephew in India.

Saw Mrs and Miss F, both well and Mr Hume. Mr Graham gave but a muddling account of Dr Piggott, called on Mr Ward and found I certainly did make a Deed of Appointment of our Trustees. Came home by Gates!

Paid Munn’s and Co, Oxford Street for small sofa cover £1.15.0

3rd January 1824

At Home all the morning.

Mr Scott called at half past 4 o’clock but as dear Mary and Mrs Marsh were Dressing to go and dine at Halsted I only saw him. Frances he says is getting well again and dear Charlotte Holland rather better.

Dined at Mr (Alderman?) Atkin’s, my old friend Admiral Bowen and 3 Daughters in the House, also Mr and Mrs and Miss Fabes (formerly of Ely Place) and two Miss Brumby’s.

Sir John, Lady and Mr Lubbock dined there.

The Alderman had kindly sent 2 men with Flambair’s to meet us at the Lodge Gates, going and coming!!

Told Shuttleworth I should not keep him.

4th January 1824

Wrote Reverend Mr Foyder in answer to his letter about Allsharn.

Also to Arthur and Mr Graham.

After Church Mr T kept us 20 minutes.

Cash, self to pay Fleming etc £5..

Dt to Thomas Whittle for self, son and sundries for one Lumter due 21st December £24.5.

Sent Mr Mosyer the Return for the Militia, and Whittle, going to Town tomorrow by Gates.

5th January 1824

Went to Town by Gates.

Called at the Bank and examined the 2’s.

Called at Blackfriars Bridge and found my Premium had been paid in Berners St on the 26th of last month £122/2

Called on Mr Delmar, found they wished an example from Mr Wards Book to shew that my Deed of Appointment of new Trusttees had existed!

In Scotland Yard and Berners St, wrote to Mr Ward to send such exmant the bearer. He sent word it should be ready by 2 o’clock tomorrow!

Went and dined with my dear friend Mr Wheeler.

Slept in Whitehall Place.

6th January 1824

Went out early to the Bank.

Mr F(auntleroy?) and Graham came there.

Received all the Dividend for both Houses.

Mr Graham took those for Berner’s St and I brought mine to Scotland Yard.

Called afterwards at Squibbs.

In Berners St and found Bert had called at Mr Ward’s and taken his letter to Mr Delmar!

Paid Tynr on my private account the two Dividend Warrd -ents

J:M: & J.M £55

Reverend Hollland and others 15.15


Dt Mary Marsh paid her £6 £25.0.0

Dined and slept in Whitehall Place.

7 January 1824

Went again to India House, S – Sea and Bank and Riden – Land Tax Office

Received all due there and brought them to Scotland Yard.

Called on Mr George Jenner and explained to him how the case had happened regards the House he Rents of me!

Called on Mr Delmar and Executed a new Will as that I made in 1817 is unhappily become useless!!

In Scotland Yard wrote Mr Eckford in consequence of a conversation I had with an old friend at the India House!

In Berners St, met Miss Chinney at Bayley and Lewis (Clews?) and brought her here by 5 o’clock to dinner.

8th January 1824

Cash and Draft to Rd Dunnull for Oats and Straw £14.7.11

Do to Mrs Marsh, House Book and Miss Vaughan’s Bill £14.1.6

Mr Rush came at 4 o’clock to go with us this evening to the Footscray Ball.

At Footscray Ball, a most pleasant evening, got home soon after 3 o’clock.

9th January 1824

All late of course this morning.

No letter from Mr Delmar, or any one except Mr Eckford, Upper Wimpole St, about his Nephew “John Armstrong Eckford.”

Walked with Mr Ruch, Miss Chinney and Georgina to Petty’s and round by Mr Berent’s. Met Reverend Mr Stevens, who came and dined with us at 5 o’clock.

Lord DeDunstanville’s Draft for Sundries at Knightsbridge arrived £94.9.6 paid in to my private account by his Lordship.

10th January 1824

No letters.

Mr Lubbock came at 1 o’clock to Practice Singing with Mary and Georgina.

Sent Fleming to Bromley and to leave a note at Colonel Toone’s as he passed, giving him the names and age of young Eckford, also to buy Sundries.

We all went to Miss Thrale’s to take her to Mr Atkins who had previously called here, Met Sir John and Lady Lubbock on horse back, took leave of them as they leave the Country on Monday next.

Mrs Marsh left the Atkins’s before us in our little carriage.

We took Miss Thiale (Thrale?) home again.

A foggy dame afternoon.

11th January 1824

At Church.

Mr Stevens read Prayers.

Mrs Dyke and Family there. Mr Dyke at Home with a bad cold.

Received a letter from Mr Chinney and also one from Mr Delmar. He did not get the Dt of the Conveyance to Lord DeDunstanville ’till yesterday.

Wrote him and Arthur that I should be up on Tuesday morning.

Did not go beyond our own walks. The wind changed to N.E and very cold.

Received a letter from Emmett that he had paid Mrs Marsh’s money from Battye and paid it into Berners Street.

12 January 1824

Draft to Self: Shuttleworth for 3 months up to 27th of this month, as he is leaving me. £10.0.0

Deduct advanced him 2

Dt for this sum £8.0.

Dt to self – £10.0

Mrs Marsh took Mr Jas Rust to Bromley, saw the Hollands and Miss Rush but brings a very bad account of poor dear Charlotte Holland!!

Miss Chinney, dear Mary and Georgina and self walked to East Hall.

Mr Dyke confined with a cold!

Going tomorrow in a Chaises from Penting to Town with Miss Chinney, and to Knightsbridge: School Committee.

Draft to Mrs Marsh for the money Emmett had from Mr Battye £31.10.0

13th January 1824

Chaise from Footscray, put Miss Chinney into a Coach from Mrs Ray’s.

At Knightsbridge School. Agreed to continue Allshorne and his Wife, paid him the balance of the last Lunt (Instalment?) in consequence £7.17.0

Called up at my dear old House found his Lordship had began his alterations, called on the good Morrison’s, found they had settled all about the Surcharge upon their House. Miss Bennett out of Town, called at Alpn and saw Sarah.

Too late to intercept Mr Wabling.

In Berners St, dined and slept at Whitehall Place.

Found two letters from Colonel Toone to ask if my young friend could not immediately provide he should be able to give him a Cadetship, found he had also called in Berners Stat –. Wrote him I had not doubt he could.

14th January 1824

Went to the Bank and India House. Called upon Colonel Toone who came out to me with a letter he had just written me, giving me the Cadetship in the kindest manner for young John Armstrong Eckford.

Called on Mr Delmar on the Knightsbridge House, and Shorne business, found he had nearly stated the Call in the letter, but wanted some further information which I have at Orpington. Wrote Mr Alaister Eckford to No.17 Upper Wimpole St of Colonel Toone’s kindness.

In Scotland Yard again, cound not get to Berners St.

Captain Powis of the Guards, Colonel Dashwood and a Mr Wedgewood dined at Arthur’s.

Paid Stevens value in all for Coals £8.14.6

15th January 1824

Mr Eckford called this morning: in Wimpole Place, shewed him Colonel Toones letters, and he is to write to Edin: to night for his Nephew to come up immediately!

Paid Mitchell, Bond St, for Music Papers 5

Maryhan for Almon k 3/6

Eyre and Keen for Camdni 10/6

Garcias for Grapes 6/

Called and saw Mr Wabling and Sara, he thinks she will make a good cook.

Called and paid Baker and Son for Marylen £19.7.8

Dt Broadwood and Son Mrs Marsh’s Balance for the new Rains she gave dear Mary and Georgina last year £17.11-

In Berners St: went to the Bank about Sir James Brisbane’s Dividend, found I had received it, met Arthur at Spurlin’s and told him so

Came home by Gates from the Borough.

Sent Mr Morrison the Dividend

In Corner and Mrs Marsh £2100 consols.

16 January 1824

Had a pair of Horses from Barham.

We all went to Bromley for dear Mary to see Mr Scott and enquire after poor Charlotte Holland.

Went on afterwards and paid a visit to Mr and Mrs M:Whitman at Wichham.

Mr W. confined unwell.

Got home to dinner at half past 4 o’clock.

Lord DeDunstanville paid into my account in Berners St the 9th installment: £94.9.6 for Sundries valued to him at Knightsbridge.

Dt to Mrs Gee for half years rent due at Christmas, paid it into Hodson’s and John £111.0.0

Cash paid to Mr Walter at Bromley for Locks £0.8.6

Dt for small funnel.

17th January 1824

Received a letter from Mr Blake, Croydon with the list of the articles sent him to be written off Mrs Gee’s.

Inventory, Answered him and conceded a mistake he makes about the Diner Table in the Lobby the two Circular Ends of which had been sent him with the other things by mistake, told him I wished to keep the table and would – back the two ends, as belonging to it! Sent my letter to Eltham by wood the Chimney Sweeper!

Cash paid Wood for one years sweeping Chimneys as of August to Christmas last £2.10.0

Received also a letter from Mr Lake to say that he and his son would be here with the Telpe money on Tuesday the 27 instant and that he would previously pay all the Inourn— at Rochester and –

Dt to Mrs Marsh yesterday for House Book and Sundries £9.4.6

18 January 1824

No letters today.

A raw damp day little posts.

Mr Townley sent us word at quarter before 3 o’clock this afternoon that there would be no Church as he was too unwell to attend!

The dear Girls had been in the morning to pray (Cray?)

19 January 1824

Draft to self (cash of Whittle) £10.0.0

Paid T:Fleming for two weeks due this dayh £1.0

Dt to Robert Gates to his day inclusive £7.10.10

Cash sent B:Eddington, Tooley St p Gates £3.3.2

Mrs Welland called and took luncheon.

Mrs Marsh not feeling very well, dear Mrs Dyke went with my dear Girls and I to Footscray Ball, not so full or cheerful as the last, got home after taking Mrs Dykes and Perry to East Hall at 3 o’clock.

Horses from Playton.

20 January 1824

Received a letter from Arthur that he had written Wm about the Titles to Lord DeDunstanville.

Find rather a bad cold and a tight sore throat this morning.

Received a note from Mrs Keggs that I was welcome to sand for the House from their pit.

Dt to Mrs Marsh: House Book £5.18.6

Walked and called upon Major and Mrs Wood, she appears perfectly recovered from the overturn in the Gig. Found Mrs Dyke and her daughter Harried here.

Wrote Arthur I should not be up tomorrow.

21 January 1824

Received a letter from Captain Reynold that he had not heard of my receiving the Canotts!!

Mrs Marsh received a letter from Mrs Rowles to say she would send her dear Boy Byron to us if we could take him in as he was not well in Town.

Mrs Marsh drove over to Bromley to see poor Charlotte Holland. Returned without going in as Caroline could not see her and Mrs Marsh collected from the servant that dear Charlotte was as ill as possible!

Sent Henry over after with a note to Mr Scott begging him to urge them (Miss Rush and Caroline) coming here when the sad event may take place.

Henry is returned, poor Charlotte is better!!

22 January 1824

I was called this morning at 5 o’clock, but felt too unwell to get up or go by Gates, wrote so by him to Arthur and also sent several letters up by him, took some Salts as soon as I could get them, did not get up ’till near 12 o’clock!

Found Panott and Ruming here for their bills for bringing my wine from Knightsbridge! Dt: to J: Panott for his account” £14&ldots;

Dt:to David Ruming £8.15

Mrs Marsh sent to Bromley wishing Mr Scott to see dear Mary as well as myself and also to enquire after dear Charlotte Holland.

Mr Taynton still continuing unwell, he could not come and had not heard of Charlotte this morning!

Sent to Playton by the Post man for a Chaise tomorrow to go to Town.

23rd January 1823

Went to Town at half past 8 with a chaise poor Footscray

Called at Apothecaries Hall and bought sundries, paid £1.16.1.

On Mr Delmar I appear to have no remedy at Common Law against Mr Pimble’s administrators. Mr Delmar is to get a Chancery Bar opinion,

In S:Y

Arthur out, saw a letter from Mr Rowles from the cape with a Remittance of about £1300 5 or 6 more may come but is doubtful!!

Paid Garcias for 3lb Grapes -6..

At Squibbs received his balance of my account £360.4.6

Called and took luncheon with dear Mrs Rowles and settled that Byron should be in Whitehall Place at 3 o’clock

Paid Gunber for Cakes, in Berners St

Mr G (Graham?) told me son John had got his appointment as 4th mate.

Saw Mr and Miss F(auntleroy?) well.

Sent Miss Trentim ½ and left the other for Monday post.

I call up and sent by Arthur

£260 to my private account

Left Whitehall Place early at 4 o’clock and got home safe with dear Byron and his nurse at ½ past 6 o’clock.

24th January 1824

Not having shaken off my cold Mr Scott who was here yesterday afternoon sent me some Calomel and Black Dose which has kept me at Home all day.

Mr Malcolm and his Eldest son called.

Stratford brought this evening the remainder of odd and ends from Knightsbridge.

Sent to Bromley, Lady Wilmot’s answer to Mrs Marsh, shews poor dear Charlotte Holland is getting weaker and weaker!!

Dear little Byron Rowles appear better already for the Country.

25th January 1824

Received a letter from Mr Lake to say he and his son would be here on Tuesday at 4 o’clock.

At Church. Captain Wood and his wife walked over to our Pew.

Spoke to Mr Voulles in his pew but did not see Mr or Mrs Skeggs who were as I afterwards heard, in it.

Wrote to Arthur and Christie

26th January 1824

Draft to J Stratford, Carrier £9.7.0

Called on Mr Vollun to beg he would state to Mr and Mrs Skeggs when he saw them my concern at not seeing them yesterday.

Mrs Marsh drove to Camden Place with dear little Byron!

Sent Fleming to Bromley.

Dt: to self (Cash of Whittle) £10.0.0

Reverend Mr Townley called to ask if we wished to recommend any person for Mrs Gee’s Gift but we told him he must best know all proper objects.

The amiable good young woman Charlotte Holland died at Bromley early this morning.

27th January 1824

Received a letter from Miss Tresilian acknowledging the receipt of mine of Friday last, also saying she should be happy to see Mary Chinney with me when I come down.

Also a letter from Arthur with a list of my linen left in Town and saying there was nothing new.

Also from Jolley, Pontman Charing Cross sent him a Dt: for his B’ £7.12.8

Mr Lake and his son came at ½ past 4 o’clock, brought me the Shorne accounts and paid me the balance £424.15.3. They staid Dinner at ½ past 9 o’clock, went to the White Hart where I had her make them beds. (where I had bespoke them beds?)

28th January 1824

Draft to Mrs Marsh for Maids wages £25

Ditto to complete their payment and so drawn for convenience of getting the cash £16.17.0

Ditto to Mrs Marsh for House Book and Patty’s bill £11.15

Went over the Plate and Plated articles with Burley and Thorn, the latter found the same right and took possession of all the articles. Went over also with Burley all wardrobe, above and below stairs and made out a new inventory.

Draft to Robert Burley in full who leaves me tomorrow, a steady honest man £28.11.6

Going to Dine with Major and Mrs Wood.

Reverend Mr Harman and Mrs Harman and Miss – Reverend Mr Stevens and Captain and Mrs Wood there.

29th January 1824

Went to Town by Gates.

Breakfast with Arthur and his wife.

Called at Christie’s, my pictures not yet ready for an Inventory.

Called in Stratton St and waited some time to see Mr and Mrs Rowles. She cannot come at present to us but will when Mr Rowles goes to Worcestershire with Captain Long.

Paid Eyne and Keene, Bond St for 15 yards of 6 Calico//7.6

Called at Hook’s for dear Mary her Boots not done.

In Berners St whilst there Mr Ward sent by Mr Tabot my Man (Manuscript?) Settlement with my Deed of Appointment which he had often denied having!! Mr Graham took it to Mr Delmar!!

Walked and dined with my dear friend Mr Wheeler, found Mr Graham sitting with him. His nephew looked in but we dined alone.

30th January 1824

Mr Rowles called at Arthur’s whilst we were at Breakfast and we settled that I should be in Stratton St on Monday at ½ past 10 o’clock to go with him to Fulham to poor dear Charlotte Holland’s funeral!

Paid Barth, in the Strand for the Table cover £1.2.2

Called on Mr Delmar, agreed the Heads of Bill agreement Mr Pimble’s Representatives. Walked to Mr Domville’s to consult him whether as Ward had found the Deed of Appointment, it would not be sufficient if we left it with the Title Deeds? Not at home. In Scotland Yard again. Mr Christie and I are to see him again middle of next week.

In Berners St saw only Henry.

Paid Gilbert for mending dear Georgina’s ring- 2s/6

Swan & Edgar for Black Gauze for Mrs Marsh 5s/10

Came home by Gates, to dinner.

W.G. Hooper, Chest of Tea £26.14.0

31 January 1824

A restless night.

Went after breakfast to Bromley to see Lady Wilmot, Caroline Holland and Miss Rush.

Called on the Undertaker and arranged about my carriage joining them on Monday morning to follow the remains of poor dear Charlotte Holland!!

Called on Scott and Taynton, he would give me a Box of Pills.

Paid Jackson Sadler for Comb and sponge 0.3.6

Draft Maynard for f-t 0.6.-

Draft Mr Baxter Chemist 0.6.0

Received a letter by Gates from Woltt (Wolff?) that he had sprained his ankle, but would come any day next week.

1st February 1824

Received a letter from Mr Delmar that he had seen Mr Domville and who persisted in the necessity of either an Appointment by the late George Graham’s Executors or that my children should join in the Conveyance to Lord DeDunstanville. This appears to me unnecessarily scrupulous, but as Delmar states the Case they have a right to insist upon it. What a ruinous business Ward’s negligence about this House has proved to me!!!

Sent S Lawless a draft for his Bill (balance?) deducting £1. Mr Rowles paid for the Chaise the 18 April – £14.0.3

Draft to Charles Burgess for my allowance to him for ½ year due 2nd last month. £20.12.8

  W: Moyer £5.17.0

Going tomorrow by Gates to Town to attend dear Charlotte Holland’s funeral at Fulham. Mrs Stevens called.

2nd February 1824

Going to Town by Gates to Shalton St to accompany Mr Rowles to dear Charlotte Holland’s funeral at Fulham.

Reach Stratton St by 10 o’clock, went with Mr Rowles to Fulham and saw dear Charlotte safely deposited in the Family Vault, only Mr Holland and Mrs L with us.

Mr Rowles put me down at Kensington Turnpike.

I called at Reverend George Marsh’s, nobody at home. Mrs M. Marsh in Portman Square, paid a short visit to Mrs and Miss Chinney No1 Hornton St.

Walked to Town passing my old House.

Called on Baber and gave him for the Burley family. £1

Called on Mrs Ray and on Sarah Montague at the Alpd (Alfred?) and paid her her wages £6.6

In Berners St, and Scotland Yard.

Dined with Mr Rowles.

Slept in Whitehall Place

Draft to Mr Blackburne for news papers and for 2 years and up to 31st December £26/13

3rd February 1824

Draft to Scott, Taynton and Co, Bromley £66.10.

In Berners St, Young Henry returned.

Saw Mrs and Miss F (Fauntleroy?) quite well.

Went to Mr Ward’s and looked over my Box to see if I could find anything about the Shorne Freehold.

Called and paid Rd Downey, Plumpton St, for Oysters £0.6.0

Called on Mr Delmar, not at home.

Dined and slept in Whitehall Place.

Draft yesterday to F & W Moyers £5/0/0 (crossed out)

4th February 1824

Went out early.

Called on Mr Bibby, No.58 Gracechurch St.

The Rent of the old Houses at Chatham not payable ’till next week.

Called and paid R:Rainis Leadenhall Market for Fruit, including oranges this day £2.13.9

Called and had a conversation with Mr Delmar

At Christs Hospital to vote for Mr Poynder or Trenner.

Draft Knight and Sons £22.8.6

Gudgeon, Shand for six quarts of Grots //3//

Draft Charles Basorn, Pall Mall for Chap- Chun and £8

Draft to Mrs Ray value in account £57.10

Left her just at 5 and went and dined with my dear friend Mr Wheeler and his nephew there.

A wet evening.

5th February 1824

Wrote to Mr Allen Jamain and Mr Thomas Rowles to the Cape.

Arthur received a letter from Anne (Mrs Gabiou) to say she and her husband were to set off for England as today or tomorrow!!

Came down by Gates at 3 o’clock.

Alone in the coach the whole way.

Found all well soon after 6 o’clock.

Draft to J Lemann £4.1.8

6th February 1824

Draft to Mrs Marsh House Book. Dear Girls allowance and some money for dear Charlotte Holland £21//

The van with the chairs, curtains etc from Tapnell and Hollands and Mens Bed Presses from Capenor – it was to leave Town at 5 o’clock this morning did not arrive till past 3 o’clock this afternoon!! Things badly done by Holland!! Put up the large secretary in my room and sent Arthur back my Circular topped writing table. Also the tent bedstead and furniture and also a large mahogany table to Hollands care believing it to belong to Mr Oakley from Waterloo Place!

7th February 1824

All the morning fixing the Curtain Homuin in Dining Room. Cleaning the Chairs etc etc

Mrs Chinney came about 5 o’clock.

The old Bookcase and secretary stands very well in my room by taking off the pediment top.

8th February 1824

At Church.

After Church, Harris, Holland’s man cleaned up the Book Case, King’s Arms etc etc

Wrote Mr L.Holland and Arthur.

9th February 1824

Draft to Thomas Brown, Plumber to 31st December £25.17.

Mrs Marsh House Book and Sundries £10.8.6

Going to town tomorrow by Gates.

10th February 1824

Went to Town by Gates.

Called on Mr Delmar, not at Home.

Paid at Ackiman for Coloured paper and for dear Mary 5/6d.

At Bayley and Blew’s.

Returned the Ink Stand .

Called on Mr Christie, settled the advertisement about the pictures.

Called at Thornhill and Mosley’s, Eyne and Keens.

At Dewsnaps and paid Mr Dewsnap for mending – and Pinching Irons 3/6d

Draft for Bed Ticking ..6..

In Berners St, Scotland Yard again and home by Gates.

Had a Pig of Webb the Grour – Wt 52lb

11th February 1824

Went to Bromley with Mrs Marsh, saw Mr Scott, Miss Holland and Miss Rush.

Paid J.Maynard for Fil 0.13.9

Draft Walter for Stucco Nails and Glass Plates £0.2.6

Called at the Bell but Mr Davis being out I could not pay my bill for the horses to attend last Monday Week the remains of poor dear Charlotte Holland.

Found Mrs Atkins had called upon Mr Chinney.

12th February 1824

My Birthday 69!

Would I could step back 20 years with the same mind and opinion I now hold!! But of course I feel old age creeping on!! Out to be thankful it’s approach is not at a faster pace!!

Draft to Whittle for Cash £1.0.0

Repaid him £1.8.0 for 2 weeks he paid Fleming up to last Monday, also 7/6d for Cutting a Load and a ½ of my own hay!!

Going to town tomorrow by Gates.

13th February 1824

Went to Town by Gates.

Found Arthur had written me to come up to attend a private meeting of the Committee in J.Rowes Bank at Wright’s Buildings, Charing Cross Lane at 2 o’clock.

Called at Christies Monley and Thornlates and paid in Oxford St for 5 yards of Ticking 7/6d.

In Berners St.

In Whitehall Place again, found Arthur expected Anne and her husband Mr.Gabiou as they were arrived, but he and I were obliged to go to Chancery Lane!

Called with him at Mr Delmar’s and executed the Asst of the Knightsbridge House to Lord DeDunstanville!!

A thorough wet afternoon.

Went with Arthur and his wife to dine at Mr.Graham’s to meet Mr and Mrs Charlton. Left them at 9 o’clock when we went to see the new University Club House opened, a most convenient elegant building.

Returned to Bryanston Square.

Past 12 when we got to Whitehall Place again. Found a kindest note from Miss Chinney.

14th February 1824

Mr and Mrs Gabiou expected to breakfast, but by some mistake there were told ½ past 10 o’clock, so that I only just saw them for a minute on the staircase, as Arthur and I were pushed to a moment to be at Guildhall upon Rowe’s commission. Anne looked very well and Mr.Gabiou is a plain open intelligent looking man, but cannot speak a work of English!!!

Got to Guildhall at 11 o’clock but the Croud, opposition of Counsel kept us there ’till 3 o’clock, when Arthur, Mr.Hunt and Mr Husband of Plym-t were appointed assignees. I being engaged to dine at Mr.Willands and Arthur to go to Ametiu’s at Woodside with his wife and Mr and Mrs Gabiou made this very disagreeable and took a Chaise in the Borough, got to Oprington at ¼ past 5 o’clock and to Mr Willand’s by ½ past 6 o’clock when they had just sit down to dinner.

Did not get home ’till 12 o’clock.

Mrs Chinney did not go.

15th February 1824

Did not leave home all day. Fine but cold North East wind.

Wrote Mrs Tresilian, also drafts as under to take to Town tomorrow with me. Viz.t.

Deekins and Smith £20.18.6

Allshorn, Knightsbridge School on account of his – salary £8..

16th February 1824

Went to Town by way of Bromley with Mrs Chinney in a Chaise from Locks Bottom.

Got to Whitehall Place at ½ past 1 o’clock.

Arthur and his wife gone to Woodside.

Went to the Navy Office and swore to the account of Hand Money for the Medusa!

Called at Westminster Office.

Sent Allshorn and Mr Wrather the Draft for f£8.

He also brought me Mrs Marsh’s lace from Mrs Briggs.

Sent Dickens and Smith — .

Post my letter with the draft for their Bill £20.18.6

Returned home at 5 o’clock in the same Chaise.

Mr Ryder, Reverend Dr Scott’s Father-in-Law called and dined, the Doctor’s account might be made out – (next?) Wednesday, when he would pay us upon our assigning to him the Doctor’s Bond and the Policy upon his life.

Wrote to Arthur to Woodside.

Paid Mr.Davies Bill Inn for the Horses to poor Charlotte Holland’s funeral £2.0.0

Barn 0.10.0

17th February 1824

Went to Town by Gates.

The poor Kitchen maid “Ann Marsh” went up also having given her a Ticket for St.Georges Hospital for tomorrow. Paid her her wages and made it up £4

Got to Whitehall Place at 10 o’clock.

Wrote Captain Eckford to Town and called on Christie. Most of my pictures hung up. They look in general very well but would have been better to have been a little more cleaned.

Called at the Apeed (Alfred?). Sarah left it, and Mr.Wabling out.

At Tapsell and Hollands, saw only the former who knew little about my concerns. Desired Mr.Holland would write me an answer to my letter.

In Berners St, took a luncheon at the Salopian.

Called again in Scotland Yard and returned home at Gates at 3 o’clock.

Mrs Marsh, House Book £7.13.6

Mr Wabling for Sarah Montague £9.9

18th February 1824

Cast to Fleming for 2 weeks due last Monday 16th £1.8

Going over my old catalogue of pictures and marking prices to buy them in at on Friday and Saturday next.

Draft to Whittle for Cast £10

19th February 1824

The Ex- for Josiah Binter, Oxford St £11.7.0

Prevented going to Town this morning by a slight shivering fit last night and which this morning has fallen into my poor weak leg and produced a decided Esysspetium, though I hope only slight.

Have sent to Mr Scott.

Wrote Arthur by Gates last night to go early this morning.

At 11 o’clock find my going up out of the question I sent Henry up to Arthur with the list of my pictures and the prices I thought they ought to be bought in at. I wrote also to Mr.Smith, Great Marlborough Street to call upon Arthur.

Draft to Thomas Glassup, Smith £24.3.8

Draft to Cunningham, the old Cook who came whilst Sarah was at the Alfred £8.0.0

24th Received but a bad account of the sale of my pictures, not withstanding the list of prices I sent up for them to be bought in at, part of the unlucky illness that prevented me attending.

27th February 1824

Better this morning, but a cold bleak day with snow and rain.

Received a letter from Anne to say that Mr.Gabiou had got through the business he came about and would return the end of next week, was sorry I was kept in the Country by illness, but hoped she should see me before they went.

Wrote Arthur and Mr.Delmar.

28th February 1824

No letters.

Sent Henry to Bromley for more medicines.

A kindly enquiry from Mr and Mrs Malcolm!

Feel much better this morning, cold and foggy.

Not so well this evening, feeling much uneasiness, like indigestion in the stomach.

29th February 1824

Mrs Marsh and the girls had horses and went to Chislehurst Church!

Had a bad night, little sleep, uneasiness in the stomach and occasionally some darting pains in my shin bones of the old leg!

Persevered with Mr.Scott’s draughts, and felt better after breakfast!

No letters but one from Burley and one for Mrs Marsh, from Mrs Rowles!

Reverend Mr Stevens called about the school at Cray.

1st March 1824.

Going to town with Mrs Marsh and the girls.

Horses from Barham, Locks Bother.

Draft to Mrs Marsh for sundries £10.0.0

Got to Whitehall Place at ¼ before 12 o’clock, found Amelia there.

Called and paid Js Gray, Grocer, Charing Cross £2.15.8

Draft Banon and Son Ironmonger £1.18.6

Called on Mr Spedding and received his ½ years rent due 17th of last month £78.15.0

Deferred? Rent 6.16.11 £71.18.1

Saw Mr.Delmar and found that Mr.Pemble’s Executors at present appear not to wish delay!

Called on Mr May Bs Solicitor, found he had sent the Head Money Bond to Scotland Yard.

Called on Mr Christie. He and Arthur appear to have been at cross purposes so my pictures have been badly managed!.

Called at Bett’s Hotel and found Mrs.Gabiou in Berners St.

Found Mrs Marsh and the girls there and good Mr F. gave me a mutton chop!

Staid ’till past 5.

In Whitehall Place found Mr.Gabiou and all there. Mrs Marsh did not call for me ’till past 6 o’clock.

Brought dear Byron Rowles.

Did not get home till 10 o’clock.

2nd Marsh 1824

Caught a slight cold yesterday.

Send Arthur up the Bond to the Navy Board witnessed by Mr.Townley.

Mrs Rowles and all coming here today except Mr Rowles

Draft Mrs Marsh for House Book, dear girls allowance and sundries £11.19..

A cold bleak day.

Mrs Rowles and all but Laura came to Dinner. She and Madamoiselle? did not come ’till ½ past 6 o’clock having staird in Town for Master! (Martins?)

3rd Marsh 1824

A tempestuous morning. Wind, hail and snow.

Received a letter from Self (Telf?) to say that Miss Tresilian had had a fall and sprained her thumb, and therefore she wished not to see me ’till she was better. Wrote her again with all our good wishes! Mentioned also that I had written her on Monday from town!

Mrs Marsh and Mrs Rowles went to see Mrs Jenner.

Laura determined to go home tomorrow as her teeth plagued her!!

Sent a letter for her to the 2nd Post accordingly.

4th Marsh 1824

Mrs Rowles and children left us this morning soon after 11 o’clock.

Received a letter from Mrs Chinney to inform Mrs Marsh that Mr Viotte (?) died yesterday morning Mrs Marsh wrote her by Mrs Rowles for her servant to take as soon as she gets to town.

Intend going up tomorrow in a chaise as I could not today having taken Calomel etc etc.

5th Marsh 1824

Got to town at 11 o’clock in a chaise from Barham.

Found Amelia still at Arthur’s and that Anne and her husband went to Dover on Wednesday.

Found a letter from Mary Chinney to say she found the time for her sailing to India now so short that she must give up the idea of going to Chillenham!

Presented the Accounts (Assigns?) of Dr Scott’s Debt to his Father-in-Law Mr.Ryder.

Found a letter from Mrs Bennett, with some claims sent her and Mr.Weather £2.4.6

Paid .Stevens and Croft 11.6

Called at Tapullis and Hollands and brought away my Weather Glass.

In Berners St found dear Mr.Fauntleroy ill.

Left a letter for Mr.Graham?

Took luncheon at Mrs Rowles.

Paid for Brown Papers £1.2.6

Got home by ¼ past 6 o’clock, found Mrs Chinney had arrived an hour before.

Pad Mr Inment writer

Court 3

Mrs Chuck £1.0.0

Turnpike 0.0.3

Letters 0.0.9

Chimney Sweep 1.0.6

Total £2.4.6

6th Marsh 1924

Had horses from Barham and went to Bromley.

Paid Mr Nach for 2 pairs of gloves 4/

Took Walseley to Mr Scott, says she must always wear a bandage. He would put a plaister on my leg.

Paid Mr Alexander, the butcher for mutton and lamb £0.19.10

Called and returned our visit to Southborough. All at home.

Returned Mr and Mrs Rhode’s visit, not at home. Found she had obligingly called here on horseback to enquire after us.

Thorn gave me warning this afternoon.

Paid Maynard, Bromley for fish 3/6d

7th March 1824

Mr Scott called about ½ past 10 o’clock to see Mrs Chinney! Would look at my leg again. Gave me a receipt for a Dinner pill and more particularly urged my attention to brine etc and advised me not to dine out on Tuesday. I do not feel well.

Received a letter from Self (Telf?) that her mistress’s fall was in High Street, but that she is going on well! Wrote her that I should now give up all thoughts of Chillenham ’till after the April dividends! (And enclosed a £5 note no.11563, dated 23rd Jan. 1824).

A day of rain.

Wrote Arthur I had some doubt about being up on Tuesday, but certainly not to stay and dine!

8th March 1824

Last night was a most tempestuous one!! The pot off the chimney in Mrs Gee’s bedroom blew down and has caused the room to smoke!

Found the bandage uneasy on my leg. Took it off at bed time.

9th March 1824

Went to Town in a chaise from Barham’s (Bachams?)

Called on Mr Bibby, 58 Gracechurch St and received of him my ¼ th net rent for the old houses at Chatham £8.14.0

Called on Mr Jenner, Drs Commons, not within.

Paid Banon and Son, Strand for a casper and screws // // 10

Met Arthur corner of Norfolk St as I was going to Mr Delmar’s. He gave me a letter from Mr T. Rowles from the Cape.

Called at Bayley and Blews and paid them for my Inkstand etc £1.12.0

On Mr Christie and fixed Friday next for our settling accounts. Met Mr Ottley there.

Called at Thornhill and Worley and paid for Mrs Marsh’s file 2/

At Hayward’s and matched some Lace for dear Mary, paid them £0.6.9

In Berners St, wrote Sir George Pownall for the Cha-ter (Character?) of Mrs Stockdale, also my friend Mrs King.

Found good Mr Fauntleroy better and gone out in the carriage.

In Scotland Yard. Had a lunch in there.

Saw Mr and Mrs Chinney and her daughter in Pall Mall.

Got hom at ½ past 7 o’clock.

10th March 1824

Draft to T and J Staples for fire wood £12.11.6

Draft to Mrs Marsh for House Book and sundries £10.18.6

Paid Poole at the White Hard for Beer and sundries up to 1st January by my draft for £19.15.3

Jackson and Bibby’s on Jansom and co for 8.14


A cold wet evening.

Wind N.E.

11 March 1824

Mrs Marsh received a letter from Self (Telf?) to say her sister was better, but does not acknowledge the receipt of mine of Sunday last with the note enclosed, and while she ought to have had the day she wrote last Tuesday!

Went in the little Phaton with Mrs Marsh to Lamb Abbey, all the family in town.

Got home again just after 3 o’clock as a cold wet evening was setting in!

Found dear Miss Dyke came to Mary and staid luncheon.

Mr Scott came and speaks decidedly of dear Mary’s being better.

Intend going to town tomorrow morning to settle with Mr Christie’s.

My leg better but he recommends my continuing his dinner pill

12th March 1824

Went to town in a Chaise from Barham’s! Took Mrs Chinney’s servant Parker up with me and appd: to meet again at 5 o’clock in Whitehall Place!

Paid Gorman, Successor to Griffon, Brooks St, Butcher for haunch of mutton £0.2.6

Jolley, Poutuer for Chickens 0.8.0

Garcia’s for grapes, lemons, oranges 8/

Called at Christie’s, received his draft on Ransom’s for the pictures sold £623.19.6, balance after duty commission and expenses £539/0

And pictures bought in.

In Berners St, gave Tyson for my Private Account £485/-

Good Mrs Fauntleroy gave me some luncheon. She is better!!

Called in my way home and saw my old friend Mr. Hyatt. Also upon Mrs Harding (Sophia Harding, nee Smyth – see court case Marsh v Tyrell & Harding), Walworth, and left her a letter about the 4per cents. Found her and Mr Harding at tea.

Got home at 9 o’clock.

13th March 1824

Draft to Potes Tibbs, carpenter, Bah-cr for his bill 31st December £38.13.6

Major Wood called. Mrs Wood unwell, but he will come and meet Mssrs T Scott and Taynton at dinner today!

Sarah dressed the dinner well and appears to have well employed her time with Mr Wabling at the Alfred!

14th March 1824

At Church.

Afternoon, wrote Mr Stockdale, I should not take him.

Wrote Mrs Emmett and J Cowan, wax chandler.

Found that the deviation from my late regular system of eating and drinking and also some vanity today, had brought on indigestion etc etc.

Cast to Gates to this day inclusive £3.12.6

15th March 1824

Draft to J.Cowan, wax chandler to this day inclusive £17.13

Mrs Chinney left us at noon today.

Georgina took an hour’s ride on her little pony previously.

Going to town by Gates tomorrow morning.

Walked to the school at St.Mary Cray with Mrs Marsh and the girls.

I called and saw Major and Mrs Wood, they were just going off to pass some days at Croydon.

16th March 1824

Went to town by Gates.

Mrs Emmett met me in Whitehall Place and gave me the receipt for the chimney sweep before I left Knightsbridge. Matt co Morris Sweeper £1.0.6. I gave her a sovereign for poor Anne Marsh in St.George’s Hospital!

Alldridge also called and I shewed him the cheque etc for the van horses. He said he would enquire about it.

Paid Stevens and Croft for sewing silk and nett for Mrs Marsh £0.1/10d

In Berners St.

Found dear Mrs Fauntleroy much better. Henry expected this evening from Brighton.

Took luncheon in Whitehall Place.

Arthur and Mrs Marsh going to dine with Dr and Mrs Holland (Sir Henry Holland 1788-1873 and Margaret Holland, Arthurs sister-in-law?)

Dear little Fanny’s eye not so well.

Came home by Gates

17th March 1824

Draft to Mrs Marsh for House Book £7.2.6

She and I drove over to Bromley in the little carriage. Mr Scott rebandaged my leg! Called at Jackson the Sadler’s and left word for him to be here tomorrow morning to make the saddle fit dear Georgina’s little horse.

Got home by ¼ past 3 o’clock to dinner.

A most lovely spring day!

18th March 1824

Mrs Marsh received a letter from Miss Fauntleroy that her Brother had a box for us on Saturday night. Wrote to accept it and also to Mrs Scaipe at the Hotel, Lower Brook St for beds and to Lawless for horses!

A most delightful summer day.

Walked with Mrs Marsh and Mary to the school. We called on Mrs Wood.

Paid R.Webb for the Pork I had of him £1.16.10

Wrote Mr.Scott we were going from home.

Received 3 stone of pork by Gates from Mrs Baker, Eltham. Sent back the basket and cloth and money by him again 13/6d

19th March 1824

Going to town with Mrs Marsh and dear girls this morning with horses from Barham’s, Locks Bottom!

Whittle for cash £15-

Got to Lawless’s at ½ past 11 o’clock, had a pair of Job Horses of him and drove to Scaip’s Hotel, Lower Brook St, found they had apartments for us.

Mrs Marsh went shopping and to Mrs Rowles and set me down in Berners St.

Mrs – Elvia out.

In Scotland Yard. Mr Graham there, he and I and Arthur were 3 hours together on business!! Mrs Arthur not well (Anne Marsh-Caldwell?)

We all went to the concert at the Opera House, a flat poor thing altogether.

Wrote Wolff to come tomorrow morning.

20th March 1824

Wolff came to the Hotel this morning.

My foot very tender.

The (quite unusual) put me to smart pains) he said if he had come it would have festered as I had pressed it and gone too long without seeing him!

Mrs Marsh took me to Berners St.

Mr Fauntleroy and Elouisa (Elvia?) out. I waited for them ’till ½ past 1 o’clock when I got the Opera Tickets.

Called on Mr Ward, Bedford Square, took from him in a parcel tied up my present marriage settlement and the Titles Deed etc connected with it. Took them to Mr Delmar and staid an hour with him whilst he examined that they were all right. Left them with him to put into the Tin Box I have had made for them till I can get Mr Rosale to meet me and seal them up and leave them at Drummond’s.

Dined alone again at the Hotel and we all went to Lady Aboyne’s Box at the Opera.

Draft to Mr Alldridge £11.15.0

Draft to Riley for Cloaks £9.6.0

Draft Self to pay Bill at Scaipe’s Hotel and sundries £10.0.0

21st March 1824

A complete wet morning.

Mrs Marsha and girls went to Trinity Chappell. I went and sat an hour with my dear friend Wheeler.

Called and saw Mrs Chinney, left a note for her at Hooks the Shoe-maker.

We all called at the Brunswick Hotel and saw Lady Wilmot and dear Charlotte Crawford, having first waited an hour that she, Lady Wilmot would call on us as she had appointed!

In Berners St and we all sat 20 minutes with good Mr Fauntleroy and Elvia.

Called on Mrs Rowles.

Dined at Scaipe’s at 3 o’clock.

Called at Mr L. Hollands door at 5 and left them a kind message as they were just sitting down to dinner.

Came home by way of Bromley and saw Mr Scott who will be with us tomorrow at 3 o’clock.

My corn where Wolff cut it is certainly tender and painfull. Mr Scott advised a Bread? Water Pontum which I put on as soon as we got home and another going to bed. Also to wash the back of my hand which appears to have been stung or bit on Friday going up with vinegar and water.

We got home before 8 o’clock.

22nd March 1824

Mrs Marsh House Book and Sundries £8.3.6

A dull showery day.

Mr Scott came this afternoon, presumes in thinking the inflammation on my hand was a bite more especially as it has yielded to vinegar and water. The Corn at the bottom of my foot pretty easy again but he would put on one of his plaisters! He told us of the death of Mrs Jenner’s eldest son in Wales!

This evening a slight inflammation has come in the corn and about my right eye!

23rd March 1824

A bad morning and considerable falls of snow.

Received a letter from Mrs Chinney that it will probably be Thursday or Friday before she can come to us. We expect Miss Bennett to dinner today.

Mr Dyke called. Mrs Dyke is at Chislehunt with her mother who bears the loss of her eldest son pretty well!

Miss Bennett came to dinner.

Walked for ½ and hour after dinner.

Mrs F.Dyke called for first time since his illness, looking quite well. His youngest sister and – (J Blutt?) with him in a Gig!

24th March 1824

Draft to Whittle to 21st Inst £22.7.10

Received a letter from Miss Tresilian, Mr Lake and Mr Sidden!

A cold bleak day, my eye better.

Wrote Mr Sidden upon all points.

Did not go out.

25th March 1824

Draft to S.Barham £36.10.0

Went to Bromley alone in the little carriage.

Saw Mr Scott who re-bandaged my leg.

Paid Walter, the Ironmonger for hay knife and steamer £1.4.6

Ditto Jackson, saddler for Georgina’s Saddle. £0.10.0

Got home in good time for dinner.

Mrs Chinney came at ½ past 5 o’clock.

Paid Tibbs for Quicksilver to mend the weather glass he had at Mr Cottingham’s 5/3d

Going to town tomorrow morning in a chaise from Plater’s FootsCray!

26th March 1824

Going to town with a Chaise from Foots Cray, and to take Gray home.

Got to Knightsbridge at 11 o’clock.

Called at my old house. Lord DeDunstanville there. He shewed me his alternations. Some are improvements.

Paid Dale for sundries this day inclusive18/6d

Called on Mrs Ray. At St.George’s Hospital and saw poor Anne Marsh.

Left Georgina’s broach with Mr Kilcton.

Called at Mdgwoods, paid him for Mrs Marsh’s jug 6/6d.

Saw Mr W Whitmore there, quite well.

Left a jug at Sharpus’s to be riveted.

In Whitehall Place, saw Dr Holland

In Berners St, sent Miss Tresilian the ½ pf a £50 note, one £5, at £2 and a £1 note in a frank of Mr Eveleyn’s which had been left for her in Scotland Yard.

Mr Graham gave me 4 Kinross trout.

Came down to Barham’s with Arthur.

Paid 4/ at Ackermann’s for dear Mary.

Called in Norfolk st and saw Mr and Mrs Delmar, pressed them to come and see us in their way home.

My foot being uneasy drove through the city to Wolff who gave me ease.

Called on Marpall, stonemason, Deptford, found his bill £11.9.5 but he says the marble and stone he has of mine is worth £3.

  • Took up my weather glass from Pike at Eltham and got home at 9 o’clock quite tired!

Found a presentation to Christ’s Hospital, had forgot my turn has come round.

Saw Mr Dinanuel in Berners St who said he should state all amounts of P-

  • Gave Mrs Chinney 5 £10 and 10 five notes I received at Miss Drummonds for her draft for £100.

27th March 1824.

Tibbs here about a small cupboard in the kitchen.

Brown and Glassup also called for me to consult them about conveying the warm air to the yellow bedroom!

Not well this morning!!

Tibbs to enlarge the dairy window.

Mr Scott came at ½ past 4 o’clock, says Mary is much better but that Mrs Marsh is not quite well. He is to alter my pills.

A cold wind and frequent showers of hail and rain.

Received a note from Mr Robson yesterday when in Town covering a Dt for £7.10 for Miss Trisilian, part of the money on the other side. Sent him a note by Thomas Pointer to say I had received it.

Paid Dale yesterday at Knightsbridge in full £0.18.6

28th March 1824

A cold bleak day present shower of snow and hail.

Received a letter from Mr Sidden. Wrote both him and Mr Lake.

Received also one from Miss Winchester by which I found the Boy she wished 2 years ago a Presentation for, was now above age.

Had also a letter from Reverend George Marsh, the first since his Father’s death but no answer to the one I wrote him upon that count nor does he mention the kind letter my Mrs Marsh wrote his mother to which she has never made any reply, nor does he mention a word of Lord Grosevenor having given him Dark’s Schappell, but it contains and extran– — about his mother’s –!!!

29th March 1824

Draft to R.Plater, FootsCray £14.3.0

Received 24 sacks of Coals from Mr.Beadle, Smith.

Mrs Marsh and Miss Bennett drove and called on Halstead, all the family out.

Going to town tomorrow morning by Gates.

30th March 1824

Went to town by Gates.

Called on Christie.

Paid M:Cadbury, Bond St for cheese £//.//.3

Ditto N:Jolley

Charing Cross for Poultry £1.5-

In Berners St, saw Mr Fauntleroy and Eliza. They go to Brighton on Saturday or Monday next.

Wrote W:Ottley about a Presentation!!

At the Westminster Office, general meeting. I stand first for Director at next vacancy!

In Scotland Yard again, sent by Weathen to Emmett Mrs Marsh’s receipt for Fudge’s rent. Left that for Birmingham’s with Jessonand took the amount £30 and brought it to Mrs Marsh.

Had a note fromm George Delmar that he could not come tomorrow but that we may expect his brother and wife about 5 o’clock. Jolly omitted to send the Poultry by Gates!!

31st March 1824

Draft to Mrs Marsh House Book and sundries £12.6.0

Paid Fleming 2 weeks due last Monday £1.8.0

Our worthy Mr and Mrs Delmar came to dinner.

Received a letter from Reverend Mr Foyster stating next Tuesday for the Knightsbridge School meeting! But I am afraid I must change the day.

Called on the Reverend Mr Stevenson and Mr Townley who I had heard was ill, could not see him.