Goldsmiths Alliance

11 & 12 Cornhill (Opposite the Bank0 London

Silver spoons and forks

Fiddle pattern 7/4 per doz

Queens pattern 7/6 per doz

Fiddle pattern

12 table spoons 30 ozŁ11.0.0

12 dessert as 20 oz7.6.8

12 table forks11.0.0

12 Dessert ditto7.6.8

12 tea spoons 10oz3.18.4


G.A. Godwin 304 High Holborn, London

R. Silver salt spoons 6/- a pair

Waiters Ł3

Teapot Ł7

Colonial Edition Letts’s Pocket Diary and an Almanac for 1873, being the thirty ninth year of the reign of Her Present Majesty Queen Victoria.

Wednesday 1st January 1873

Public Holiday. Went to Court to discharge a drunkard.

Barnett Commissioner of Roads called on us. Servants went out and left us to ourselves. Milly went to the Darells. Preparing my Lecture

Thursday 2nd January 1873 – Rockley(light pencil)

Left home at 7.30, reached Rockley by 10.10. Not much business at Court. Adjourned meeting (for elections of F–th –Cons—) until 9th February (Tuesday) Heavy rain towards evening, did not deliver lecture.

Slept at Monaghans who is unwell.

Friday 3rd January 1873(light pencil)

Left Monaghans at 9.30. Called on Mr Fox on the way. Overtook McIntosh and F. Isaacs at Cashman’s. Met Samuel Joseph and others going to Cow Flat. Had b meeting of — —

Boy Willie absconded.

Saturday 4th January 1873

Fine day. Kiely commenced to mow Lucerne paddock.

Engaged boy Philip Newman at 5/- per week.

Sunday 5th January 1873 – Oberon

Drove Grace to Church in the morning. Clay preached. Isaacs and his son dined with us. Drove them in to McIntoshs afterwards. George Pinnock drank tea with us, drove him to Church.

Monday 6th January 1873

A fine day but very warm. Drove Miss Jackson to lunch. In the evening met Arthur Hodgson at (hidden by clip) Hotel having just arrived from NSW(?).

Tuesday 7th January 1873

Drove Miss – home and afterwards Hodgson to Club House Hotel. Very warm. Miss Sutton and Mr McKeney of the “Clio” married by – of Bathurst. Raining hard at 2 o’clock. A. Hodgson returned to us in the evening and we sent Hansom cab for Miss Jackson.

Wednesday 8th January 1873

Had an early breakfast with A. Hodgson and left home at 7. Reached Oberon at 11 o’clock. Whelan sat on the Bench. After lunch at McCann’s Inn returned back to Fulton, where I slept, having ridden 32 miles.

Arthur Hodgson left us to Sydney today.

Thursday 9th January 1873

Left Fulton’s at 9.30, reached home by 11.30. “Jenny” had a foal, very weak, unable to stand along. In the evening Miss Jackson into Bathurst, and attended Church Meeting, afterwards, the Rev Ross Smith approved of by the majority as successor to Mr Clay. Kiely finished mowing Lucerne paddock.

Friday 10th January 1873

Writ issued for Fletcher, “Scuber v Cummings” 19.

Held 3 insolvency meetings, W. Baker, (single): H.H. Baker (single) and James Jamson (second). John Smith sat on Bench. Cricket match between Goulburn and Bathurst Teams. Unable to go to the ground till 5 p.m. Jenny’s foal died. Raining hard, off and on.

Saturday 11th January 1873

Raining off and on all day, very hard towards evening.

Went to cricket ground until 3 o’clock, no lunch but dinned at D. Mayne’s to Cricketers at 9. Obliged to be absent on account of feeling unwell, and the weather is unpropitious.

Sunday 12th January 1873

Raining hard off and on all day. Did not go to Church in consequence of the Mare “Jenny” being so ill, sent for Smith to bleed her, worse towards night, very weak, unable to eat. Drove to evening Church, Rev T. Smith preached, large congregation.

Monday 13th January 1873

Raining off and on all day. Got poney docked by Smith. Kiely employed at Hay Stack yard. Meeting at 7.30 at School House, Rev T. Smith appointed Mr Clay’s successor at Ł500 a year, Hawkins Chairman.

Tuesday 14th January 1873

Steven sat on the Bench with me. Cold wind blowing. “Jenny” still ill, could not eat. Clement came to us for the evening.

Called on Bishop Marsden, when where I met and was introduced to Rev T. Smith and wife.

Wednesday 15th January 1872

John Smith and R. McPhillamy sat on Bench, Small Debts Court today. Fine day. “Jenny” much better, began to eat her food. Drove Grace to Bathurst, called on Mr H Stephen at he Sharpes, went afterwards to Walmer to call no Mrs H Hankins. Miss Grane(?) married to Dr Curtis(?) in Melbourne.

Thursday 16th January 1872

Drawing in Lucern hay about 30 cul

Friday 17th January 1872

Held Mary Leveys single Meet. Robert Usher’s single, and Oldfield (first). Held Magisterial Inquiry at Hospital at 3 o’clock on body of Michael Dynan. Drove Grace home from Bathurst.

Saturday 18th January 1872

Lovely day. Drove Mrs Harrietta Stephen and daughter out to dinner at 1 and home again at 3.30. Held adjourned Magisterial Inquiry.

Sunday 19th January 1873(Light pencil)

Fine day but very hot. Drove Grace to Church in the morning. Late for Church. Clay performed whole of the Service. Drove Sarah to L– . Drove to Church in the evening, Clay preached. Met (Clements?).

Monday 20th January 1873(Light pencil)

A find day, but warm, some thunder clouds for first time. Drove Miss Jackson home at 1.30, to stay with us Kiely at work at Pigstye. The boy Philip gave weeks notice. He —.

Tuesday 21st January 1873

Raining hard at 4 o’clock.

Wednesday 22nd January 1873

Held adjourned Magisterial Inquiry. Settled with Kiely, paid him 3. Conny McHattie called, drove her home after tea.

Thursday 23rd January 1873

Finished holding Magisterial Inquiry and issued Warrants for 8 young me at Vielso(?). Miss Jackson very unwell. Went to Lecture given by Rev W Vaughan at School House. “my visit to Paris,” his subject. Small attendance, Bishop there.

Friday 24th January 1873

Very sick headache all day. Richards Kinna, and Palmer sat on the Bench up to 6 o’clock. McIntosh, Fletcher and West defending the prisoners, charged with killing Michael Dynan. Mrs Fisher called on Grace, after the McPhillamy’s. Held Sheringtons Single Meeting: adjourned to Friday.

Saturday 25th January 1873

Kinna and Palmer sat on the Bench. Richards did not come. Occupied all day. Mrs Gore passed the day with Grace and (lept?).

Sunday 26th January 1873

Drove Mrs Gore home and Miss Jackson to Mrs Stephens. Afterwards drove Grace to Church in the morning. Clay preached. Went by myself in the evening, Clay again preached. C.McHattie sat in our pew.

Monday 27th January 1873

Bracken from Wellington arrived very early. Kinna and Palmer sat on the Bench with me in Dynan’s case till 6 o’clock. McIntosh very rude to the Bench.

Tuesday 28th January 1873

Public Holiday. Cricket Match between Bathurst and the Sydney “Albert Club.” Lunched with the Cricketers at 2.20. Drove Grace afterwards to the Cricket Ground calling on the Davis’ on the way. Volunteer Concert. Thatcher assaulted.

Wednesday 29th January 1873

Sent vouchers for travelling expenses Ł6.5. Bracken left. Rotton and Stanger sat on Bench. Lunched with Cricketers, Albert Club won the game with 5 wickets to spare. Bathurst made 116 on this days innings. Jenny ill again.

Thursday 30th January 1873

Held Insolvency Meeting 2nd, of James E Oldfield at 3 o’clock. Kinna and Palmer sat on the Bench with me after 3 o’clock in Dynan’s case. Sent for Smith the Vetinery Surgeon came out to see Jenny

Friday 31st January 1873

Raining hard in the morning, cleared after breakfast. Kinna and Palmer sat on the Bench at 3 o’clock until 5.30.

Saturday 1st February 1873

Harvested 8 paddocks of (assw?).

Sunday 2nd February 1873

Drove Grace to Church in the morning. W Seryfull(?) dined with us, he was formerly in the 96th Regiment. Drove him to Church in the evening. Drove Mrs Gore home with a –.

Monday 3rd February 1873

Kinna and Palmer sat on the Bench.

Tuesday 4th February 1873

Fulton sat on the Bench, also Davidson. Oddfellows dinner tonight, invited but could not go. Sutherland nominated for Works Chairman.

Wednesday 5th February 1873

Left home by 7.30, reached Fox’s 9.30, and Rockley by 10. Mail arrived at same time. Stent sat on Bench. Lydiard passed through. Gave Lecture on China Fox, Boyces,’ Steels, Manohan’s, Stanger. Slept at Monahans.

Thursday 6th February 1873

Left Monaghans at 10, called at Fox’s on the way, Monaghan accompanied nearly as far as Cashmans, where I went by way of Lagoon, reached home by 4 o’clock. Purchased a pig for Ł1.15 E.B.

Drove Grace into Bathurst, called on Lady Dowling.

Engaged S. Clayton on Friday 7th for 3 months at 10/- with (promise?) of 12/-.

Friday 7th February 1873

Held A.L. Farr’s Insolvency Meeting. Grace suffering from headache. Paid Manston, the gardener Ł1.10, for 2 weeks work.

Engaged Sam Clayton at 10/- per week with promise to increase.

Saturday 8th February 1873

Left home with Grace at 8.10. Reached the Railway Station at 9.30 (Macquarie Plains)

Clay and his 3 daughters went by the same train with Grace to Sydney, leaving at Ľ to 11. Hay, Rotton, Hilly (the Architect) went by it. J.B. Suttor at the Terminus.

Left at 12.30, reached Kelso by 1.20, Bathurst 1.30, had my haircut, dinner at home at 3. Thunder storm shortly after arrival. Lotte(?) next time in hind leg.

Sunday 9 February 1873 – Oberon

Fine but sultry. Drove Lady Dowling to Church. Stanley Mitchell preached in morning. Drove in to Town after dinner to call on Lady Dowling. Did not go to Church in the evening. Drove Mrs McIntosh and Mrs Edne(?) Morrisett home from Church in the morning. Wrote to Grace, also sent 5.5 to ŁAustralia Club.

Monday 10th February 1873

A beautiful day. Kinna and Palmer sat on Bench. Called on Mrs Bassett about taking Lady Dowling over Convent. Drove Lady Dowling and Miss Blaxland to our house at 5 and home at 7. Moonlight Concert.

Tuesday 11th February 1873

Fulton and Stanger sat on the Bench. Wrote to Grace. Left home at 5, overtook George Pinnock with Tom West going to Macquarie Plains, called to inquire after old Joe West who ill in bed. His wife despaired of yesterday. Slept at Fultons.

Wednesday 12th February 1873

Left Fultons at 9, reached Oberon at 10.30. Whelan and Delaney sat on the Bench. We had 21 cases to decide, and all were occupied until 11.30 p.m.

Fletcher, Solicitor had many calls and made Ł17. Very cold at Oberon.

Thursday 13th February 1873

Sat on the Bench at 8.30, with Whalen and Delaney. Left Oberon at 10.30, Fletcher overtook me and we rode together in to Bathurst, lunching at Fultons on the way. I called to inquire after Joe West as I passed, reached home by 6. (Dresasand?) returned to Bathurst at 8, presiding at Temperance Meeting.

Friday 14th February 1873

Very warm day. Drove in to town at 8 o’clock in Court House. Pony went lame.

Took peaches to Mrs Gore. Presented gold watch to James Machattie for saving young Cornells life from drowning. Called on Mrs McHattie afterwards, and from thence went to Mr Hamilton Stephens, where dancing went on till 11.30. Miss Blaxland was there, also McPhillamy, Gores, Connelly, Watts, Coats.

Saturday 15th February 1873

Vary warm day. Took peaches to Hales. Paid Philip Newman 25/- in presence of Davis, Courtkeeper. Called to inquire how Mrs Coats (Cortis?) was.

Sunday 16th February 1873

Drove to Church in the morning only. Miss Blaxland in our pew. Drove Mrs McIntosh home, dined with them and afterwards called on Lady Dowling at the Club House.

Monday 17th February 1873

Bound witnesses over in Dynan’s case. Made the acquaintance of a Mr Hudson from England. Dined again this evening with McIntosh, wild duck for dinner. Lythed(?) and Johnson came before diner was finished.

Tuesday 18th February 1873

Fulton sat on the Bench with me about 1.30. Milly arrived from Hill End, went home with him to dinner and afterwards drove in to Bathurst calling on Lady Dowling. Milly to Sydney on Tuesday night. Drove him a second time in time to go by Mail to Sydney at 8.30. Saw (Nottey?). Went with Hudson to concert.

Wednesday 19th February 1873

Small debts cases today. R McPhillamy and (?) Smith sat on the bench.

Thursday 20th February 1873

Friday 21st February 1873

Hold 2 Insolvency Meetings, Hamlyn and Whitely. Raining off and on all day, heavily at night.

W.H. Sutton had lunch with me at Court.

Saturday 22nd February 1873

Conny MacHattie married at Scotch Kirk by Rev Dr Geikie, to Powell, service at 7 o’clock a.m. only Mrs Jago Smith, Dr MacHattie and her father and little sisters, with the exception of Bertie Batty, McFarlane, Stonan and myself. Breakfasted at the MacHattie’s, Bride and Bridegroom left at 9. Drove Dr Geikie home after 1 o’clock, called for Hudson at the Royal Hotel, and drove him home, lunched and drove afterwards Dan Mayne’s Carnival on Cricket ground. Got blight in left eye at Mrs R. Machattie’s

Sunday 23rd February 1873

Could not go to Church today owing to my eye being swollen up from Blight. Clay preached his farewell sermon. Hales went to Sydney tonight.

Monday 24th February 1873

Mr and Mrs Clay and family left Bathurst by early coach. Called on Mrs Daniel at the Royal. Drove Hudson in to Bathurst, called on Mrs R Machattie on the way to settle with her servant. My eye still swollen.

Tuesday 25th February 1873

Raining off and on all day. Clay’s sale of furniture took place today. Drove Hudson into Bathurst with Postmaster, and again took himself at 8.30 to Sydney tonight. Daniel called on me again today at Court.

Wednesday 26th February 1873

–, McPhillamy and Daniel sat on the Bench. McIntosh, Smith – rooms at Royal Hotel for Governor and Lady W-.

Thursday 27th February 1873(light pencil)

Milly arrived about 3.30 in the middle of the night, by train from Sydney. Meeting of Magistrates — — consider – to Governor. Public meeting – 2 covered by Mayor. Clements-slept here.

Friday 28th February 1873(light pencil)

Held Washworth Insolvency Meeting, Smith(?) appointed chairman to prevent a-Sir H. Robinson from District R-sat on Bench with me.

Milly left for Hill End at 7. Raining hard nearly all day. Clements left.

Saturday 1st March 1873

Raining a little off and on all day. Hales returned from Sydney, at meeting at Court House. Dan Kinna very rude to me, obliged to speak sharply to him. He annoyed (that?) I did not return to the adjourned meeting of Magistrates on Thursday at 3.

Sunday 2nd March 1873

Went to Church in the morning only. The Bishop performed the whole of the service. Dined at the McHatties,’ left afterwards to give address to be copied by Winn.

Monday 3rd March 1873

Tuesday 4th March 1873

Governor and Lady Robinson arrived in Bathurst. The Mayor and I went to meet him at Kelso. Raglan Station opened today by him. Presented address to him. Dined with him.

Wednesday 5th March 1873

(Cotton?) sat on the Bench for me. First day of the Races, unable to go, occupied until 6 with cases of (?- pretences?) from “Oberon.” 2nd Session began

Thursday 6th March 1873

Visited with the Governor, Lady Robinson by Mr St.John Church and School, the Convent. Webb’s Store etc. In the evening public dinner to Governor, the Mayor, Chairman, Combes and I Vice-Chairmen, about 45 people only for dinner.

Friday 7th March 1873

Very warm day. Accompanied Governor over the Gaol, Public and Pesbyterian Schools: the Presbyterian and Wesleyan Churches. Ball at Town Hall in the evening. Danced with Mrs St.John, Mrs Corttin, Mrs F Sutton, Mrs Fox and Miss Jackson.

Saturday 8th March 1873

Left home at 9, reaching Rockley at 11. Sat on the Bench by myself, occupied until 5.30. Steel then came and granted music science to Brownlow. Left Rockley at 6, intended returning home but after leaving Fox’s, a heavy storm of rain drenched me, and I was obliged to return back. Fox and Mrs Fox came a quarter of an hour afterwards from Bathurst. The Governor went to Orange, Lady Robinson and Mrs St.John to Sydney.

Sunday 9th March 1873

Left Fox’s at 10.30, reached home by 12.15, very warm, thunder in the distance. Did not go to Church.

Monday 10th March 1873

Rotton sat on the Bench.

Tuesday 11th March 1873

Fulton and Stanger sat on the Bench. Left home at 4.30, visited(?) Mrs Chambers, called at Joseph Wests on the way, Mrs Daniel staying there, reached Fultons by 7 o’clock, where I slept. Without servant.

Wednesday 12th March 1873

Left Fultons at 8.30, reached Oberon by 10.30. Sat by myself on the Bench. Met Whalan coming to Bathurst, had lunch and left them at 3 and reached Fultons by 6. Very cold at Oberon.

Thursday 13th March 1873

Let Fulton’s at 9.30, reached Ash’s Lagoon at 10.30, stayed there till lunch and left with him at 1.30. Reached home by 3.30. Drove Mrs Machattie into Bathurst. Posted English letters to Grace.

Friday 14th March 1873

Dr Morgan sat on the Bench with me.

The Governor returned from Hill End at 6 o’clock. Called upon him and Lloyd, — General shortly after. Dance at the Pinnocks. Danced with Miss Palmer, Dunsmore, Jackson, McIntosh, Lucy McPhillamy, Mrs Chambers. Mrs R. Machattie sent for her piano.

Saturday 15th March 1873

Drove Mrs R. Machattie to Bathurst and home again at 2. Heavy thunder storm before I left Court House. Bishop Quinn called upon me asto(?) a young girl (Farrell) absconding from Convent, found her at Mrs Bryant’s and brought her to Court House.

The Governor and suite left Bathurst at 10 for Raglan, en route for Sydney.

Sunday 16th March 1873

Drove to Church in the morning only. Bishop prepared the whole service. Lovely day.

Monday 17th March 1873

Drove Mrs R Machattie to Mrs Pinnocks, and took her back in the evening. After Court drove to Cricket ground to see the sports, Football etc. In the evening went to entertainment at the Catholic School, in aid of funds for lighting Cathedral with gas.

Tuesday 18th March 1873

Fulton sat on the Bench with me. Dined at George Pinnocks at 1.

Went to meeting of School House, as to reception to be given Canon Mrs (Filler?) and Mrs Coutts there. Drank tea at Dr Morgans.

Smith on arrival. Bishop in Chair.

Wednesday 19th March 1873

Rotton and McPhillamy sat on the Bench for me. Presented gold watch and chain to Boardman for attempting to rescue young Connell from drowning. Meeting at Court House at 7.30. Put poney in Pocock’s Omnibus.

Thursday 20th March 1873

Lovely day. Discounted George Pinnock’s Bill for Ł40 at 4 months date for George’s benefit and convenience. Handed him the proceeds. George P/n Ł40.

Friday 21st March 1873

Held Oldfield’s Insolvency Meeting 3rd. Very bad headache.

Saturday 22nd March 1873

Lovely day but cold. Called at Grevilles, forwarded G. Pinnocks P. Note dated 20 March at 4 months of 40, for discount.

Drove to Railway Station at Raglan 4 miles distant to meet the Dowlings, drove Mrs Dowling to Durack’s Inn. Dowling and Mrs Nott went to Coach. Frank Sutton (Suttor?) in carriage and 4, at Station, to meet Governess, a Miss Richards, formerly at the Busby’s.

Sunday 23rd March 1873(light pencil)

A lovely day, went to Church in the morning only. Bishop prepared the service. Dove Dowling to the – and home to our house. Dove them after to the Inn.

Monday 24th March 1873(light pencil)

R McPhillamy sat on the Bench W Sutton – to send.

Tuesday 25th March 1873(light pencil)

Frost last night. Fulton sat on the Bench. – (illegible)

Wednesday 26th March 1873(light pencil)

Fulton sat on the Bench also, — Taylor of Dubbo gave evidence — — — Rain — evening.

Thursday 27th March 1873

Tea Meeting at Market to Canon Smith. Hawkins in the chair, 400 people present. Dr Geikie, Rev Woolmigt(?), Green, Boyce, Dalrymple present on platform. Dined with Mrs Gore to meet the Dowlings.

Friday 28th March 1873

Held Thatcher’s Single Insolvency Meeting. Sent Ł2 Insolvency Fees to Grace. Carry Mathews of Wellington called. Issued warrant for Roberts, the Innkeeper at the instance of his wife.

Saturday 29th March 1873

Drove in to Bathurst in the afternoon, went to the Court House to meet Hall (Hale?) about the Postage a/c

Sunday 30th March 1873

Such a headache all day did not go to Church.

Monday 31st March 1873

Occupied all day till 6 in hearing a Larceny case, Fletcher the prosecutor, McIntosh for prisoner. J. Clements stayed the night with me.

Tuesday 1 April 1873

Fulton and Stanger sat on the Bench with me. Attended Church Society Meeting at 12.30, left at 1.30; lunched at George’s. Went to the Gaol, and gave little girl (Cutts?) to Mrs Geo Lee. J. Clements with me.

Wednesday 2nd April. 1873

Left home at 9, reached Rockley by 11. Steel sat on the Bench with me, lunched at Brownlows. Election of 5 trustees for (Rebby Tomlinson?). Called on Mrs Monaghan. Returned to the Fox’s where I slept. The two Miss McPhillamy’s staying there.

Thursday 3rd April 1873

Left the Fox’s at 11, went by way of Lagoon, lunched there. Reached home by 4. Milly arrived from Hill End yesterday. He returned from Bathurst shortly after I came in, and we rode in together afterwards.

Friday 4th April 1873

Held Special Meeting at Jameson’s inclosed Fee of to Grace. Drank tea at Dr Cortis. Meeting a Mrs Fairfax and a Mrs Reading there, and Dr and Mrs Morgan. Clements slept at our house.

Saturday 5th April 1873

Beautiful day. Milly went for a ride McPhillamy’s of (stn?) Green brought another load of wood for winter, the 8th load. Had 3 (Trusses?) of hay from Knight.

Sunday 6th April 1873

Drove to Church in the morning with Milly. Barnabus Smith preached. Drove in to Bathurst after dinner, and took Dr McHattie to Mrs R MacArthurs,’ her little girl ill. Went to Church in the evening again Smith preached, Church crowded. Willis and Thorne sat in our pew, also young McPhillamy.

Monday 7th April 1873

Milly left for (Trunkey?) at 7.30. Thorne and Willis called for him at 8. Went with Clements to see Dan Mayne at the Theatre, as “O’Callaghan on his last leg.” ‘

Paid for 10 hay Ł2.5.

Tuesday 8th April 1873

Occupied till 3 o’clock on the Bench with Fulton. Returned home to lunch and left again at ˝ to 5, reached O’Connell by ˝ to 7, slept at Fultons. Rae’s book sale commenced.

Wednesday 9th April 1873

Left Fultons at 9, reached Oberon by Ľ to 11. Whalan sat on Bench. Fined the 2 Innkeepers for having music and dancing. Mrs McBride for having it on Sunday. Returned to Mrs Fultons where I slept. Agricultural show held in Bathurst.

Thursday 10th April 1873

Left Fulton’s at 9.10, reached Bathurst by Ľ to 11. Found Major Bowler and Kinna on Bench. Heard a case, “Brody v Death,” detention of a horse, at 3 o’clock. Went to Rae’s book sale. Milly returned at 3. Rev Smith’s Governess thrown from horse.

Friday 11th April 1873

Went to Church in the morning. Milly’s foot hurting him, would not go, met young Keele coming out of the Hansom to us, asked him to dinner and to sleep.

Saturday 12th April 1873

General Holyday. Cricket Match at 12. Milly and Sydney Smith went by day Coach to “Raglan,” en route to Sydney. Attended Cricket Match.

Sunday 13th April 1873 – Easter Day

Dreadful headache all day, could not go to Church in consequence. Keele went. In the evening at 9 he walked in to Bathurst, intending to go to Sydney by train tonight.

Monday 14th April 1873

Bathurst Cricketers beat the University. Dinner at Royal Hotel at 7. I acted as Chairman, presented Cassidy with Cup, given by Mr Floyd. Saw Simpson of Wellington. Docker came out to stay after the Dinner.

Tuesday 15th April 1873

Raining in the morning. Drove Docker into Bathurst. Went to the Church to the Miss Smith’s wedding, Fanny Smith married Barton, Eva to Holt. Drove George out to the breakfast. Mrs Marsden, Stewart, Marckin, Hawkins, Watt, etc. Drove Mrs Dowling out to our house. Afterwards alternate Church meeting for election of Church wardens.

Wednesday 16th April 1873

Went to Requests, Rotton asked for me. Gaden of Wellington called upon me.

Appointed Fowler, Bailiff of Court of Request. Rotton firsted and Dan Kinna seconded it and supporting J. West, Mr McPhillamy, Rankin (?) against.

Thursday 17th April 1873

Raining off and on all day. Richards sat on the Bench with me. Mrs H. Stephen (filed?) her Schedule. Called on her afterwards. Haircut by Weymark at Court House.

Friday 18th April 1873

Adjourned the (Jury?) on of Electoral Bill. 3 Insolvency meetings. Min Flynn, Joh O’Neil, and T, Cooper. Committed a man named Palmer for forgery upon Kelly of “Oberon.”

Saturday 19th April 1873

Docker let for Bourke.

Sunday 20th April 1873

Clements came out with me after Church, also Gilder to dine. Went to Church morning and evening.

Monday 21st April 1873

Tuesday 22nd April 1873

(Exhibition in Sydney) Raining hard off and on all day. Purchased Miss Russell’s chest of drawers for 6, and sent them by Paddy’s dray. Revision of Electoral Roll.

Wednesday 23rd April 1873

Mrs Hamilton Stephen to Sydney. Committed Webbs Collector (Mylne) for Embezzlement.

Thursday 24th April 1873

Beautiful day but cold.

Friday 25th April 1873

Judge Fawcett arrived at 11 o’clock from Sydney. Circuit court commenced. Judge Fawcett presiding. Court lasted until 6.30. Rode home at dark and cold. Committed Milne on a second charge of embezzlement from E. Webb & Co.

Saturday 26th April 1873

Denis Barkworth found guilty of stealing his brother in law’s cheque (Arrow’s) sentenced to 12 months in Gaol.

Mrs McBride got a Judge’s order of separate Estate today.

Court was over today at 4.30.

Hampton for stealing G.H. Taylor’s horse sentenced to 5 years imprisonment at Darlington(?). Chief Justice arrived late tonight.

Sunday 27th April 1873

Very cold in the morning, severe frost, beautiful day. Had bad headache. Went to Church morning and evening. Smith preached both times. Sir Alfred Stephen sat in our pew. Inclosed Grace a Ł1 insolvency fee.

Monday 28th April 1873

Chief Justice sat in place of Fawcett.

Wises P/n for Ł35.5.6 at 4 months.

Tuesday 29th April 1873

Affidavit Fletcher 2/- Suspend (Fletcher) Taylor v Fanit 2/6

Dined at Bishop Marsten’s Drove Chief Justice there and home. Barnabus Smith, Rev Baker, McIntosh, and George Pinnock consisted the party. Mrs (–) did not appear.

Wednesday 30th April 1873

Sheridan Siles Murray sentenced to be hanged for murder of Aston alias Mares, Court sat late.

Thursday 1st May 1873

George Paul died of Typhus fever this morning. Dined at Bishop Quinns at 7. Drove Chief Justice there and back. Dr Scott Sam, Flaten, Dr Bassestt, Attorney General, and Pilcher at dinner.

Young Paul died of Fever.

Suppene (Suspend?) Peters v Means (McIntosh).

Friday 2nd May 1873

Trial of Rivetts, Jenkins and for McArthur, neighbour of Mr Dynan. Trial lasted all day (before?) to 15 to 9 p.m. Jury acquitted W.Rivett indicted for assault, fined Ł20, and bound over for 12 months.

Saturday 3rd May 1873

Criminal case finished today. Civil ones commenced. Peter Villiers going on, M.H. Stephen for plaintiff, Attorney General Butler, and Davis for defendant.

Dined with Chief Justice. Dinner kept back till 9, Court not over till then. Dr Giekie, Canon Smith, Cass of Kelso Rowland (saker?) and myself with M.H. Stephen the only persons. Hired the Hansom Cab.

Sunday 4th May 1873

All in bed with Influenza, severe headache, cough, sore throat, pains in back, and teeth aching. Sir A Stephen left Bathurst.

Monday 5th May 1873

Did not get up till 2. Very unwell. Wrote to Grace inclosing Insolvency fee 2, Tucker Evans came out to stay with me. Raining a little in the afternoon.

Did not go to Court.

Tuesday 6th May 1873

Webbs dinner party to which I was obliged to send a excuse owing to my suffering from Influenza. Finch died aged 64, formerly of H.M. 17th Regiment.

Wednesday 7th May 1873

Thursday 8th May 1873

Synod meets. Attended Synod at 3 till 6, adjourned till 7 p.m., lasted till 10.30.G.H. Gore of Mudgee, Gunther Coombes, Tilvans, Captain F Genny, Uzzell(?), J. Sutor, W.H. Scott, Clements, Soures, Cass, Ebsworth, Morgan, Lowe, Hawkins, Boyce, Vaughan, Richards, J. Smith, Sharpe, T. Smith. Ashe.

Friday 9th May 1873

Held 2 Insolvency Meetings, Markwell2nd, Sadlier 1st. Attended Synod, not over till 10.30. Still suffering from Influenza.

Saturday 10th May 1873

Very unwell from Influenza. Attended Synod at 7, not over till after 10.

Sunday 11th May1873

In bed all day with Influenza. A very bad headache.

Monday 12th May 1873

Very unwell from Influenza, and very weak. Drank tea at the Ebsworths and went with them to Synod which lasted till 10.30. Eclipse of the moon visible.

Tuesday 13th May 1873

Left home at 9, and reached Oberon by 12.10. Whalan absent after Court. Went to Humphrey’s with Constable Cronnie, 7 miles from Oberon, where I slept. The School Inspector also there. My cold very bad.

Wednesday 14th May 1873

Left Humphreys at 9.15, with S Constable Cronnie, passed the Elsington (Essington?) Mine (5 miles) then Charlton 5 miles, and into Rockley 4 miles, sat on the Bench with Steel and left after lunch for the Fox’s where I slept. Fox absent, my cold bad and very tired from riding through the hilly country.

Thursday 15th May 1875

Severe frost but beautiful day. Left Mrs Fox’s at 11. Very tired. Met Rev W. and Mrs Soares at foot of Mount, and previously the Oake’s at Cashmans. Reached home by 2. Drove in afternoon to Court for letters. Called at George’s, also at Clements for chairs.

Friday 16th May 1875

A beautiful day, but wintry and dusty. Lunched with Canon Smith, meeting there the Bishop G.H.Cove of Mudgee, Dr Morgan, H. Price and a W. Thompson engaged to Miss Smith. The Bishop invited me to dinner this evening, but excused myself for fear of renewing my Influenza.

Saturday 17th May 1875

Influenza better today. Hales again complained of young Daniels inattention and incapacity. Sent to Pinnocks for him, servant said he had not been home all night. Asked him if true, said he had been with Sullivan at Hughe’s Inn.

Purchased Turkey of Westcott in market for 5/-.

W. Pinnock returned from Sydney.

Sunday 18th May 1875

Beautiful day, warm in the Sun, cold later. Very severe frost last night. Drove to Church in the morning only. Smith prepared the whole service. W. Ebsworth son and daughter sat in our pew. Wrote to Grace inclosing Ł2.

Monday 19th May 1875

Fulton, Donnelly, Wise and myself sat on Bench, in the case of Lowes v McCawley. Bench differed, no decision. Rode to Fulton’s, reached it by 6.30. Felt shock of earthquake, the Fulton’s away.

Tuesday 20th May 1875

Left Fultons at 9, reached Oberon by 11. Whalan and Delaney on Bench. Mrs McBrides’ and Mr Sim’s License opposed by Police. After lunch returned to Fulton’s where I slept.

Wednesday 21st May 1875

Left Fulton’s at 11, went by Lagoon, lunched there, reached home by Ľ to 4, having ridden in 34 of an hour from Lagoon. Drove at 4.30 to Raglan Terminus, to meet Grace, met her in Bishop Quinn’s carriage near (Binkey?), he drove her into Bathurst at Ľ to 6.

Thursday 22nd May 1875

Drove in to Court and home to lunch. Daniel from Wellington called. Paddy brought Grace’s boxes, and took Bath to be mended. Church Society Meeting, could not attend.

Friday 23rd May 1875

Rather cloudy day, drove in to Court and home to lunch.

Saturday 24th May 1875

A beautiful day. Young Daniel left with his father for Wellington. Drove Grace in to Bathurst, after dinner. Went to Webbs and market, met Bishop and Mrs Marsden.

Paid Westacott 5/- for turkey and 2/6/- fowl.

Sunday 25th May 1875

Raining off and on, and at Church time. Drove Grace to Church in the morning, went in the evening by myself and dark and foggy coming home.

Monday 26th May 1875

Fulton sat on the Bench with me, and afterwards he and Donnelly committed a man. Gave use of Court House this evening to Mr Peter Campbell to lecture on Temperance. Furniture from Sydney arrived. Rev Arthur Douglas from Campbell town paid us a visit.

Tuesday 27th May 1875

Fulton and Stanger sat on the Bench with me. Milly arrived this morning, having come by night train from Sydney. He brought up Grace’s English dresses, and Terrier dog for me. Rev Arthur Douglas passed the evening with us.

Wednesday 28th May 1875

Public Holyday. Milly rode in to Bathurst with me after breakfast. In the evening he went to the C. McPhillamy’s. The Terrier dog he brought me sent away.

“Black pony” and ‘Bay pony” shod all round.

Thursday 29th May 1875

Milly went to Fox’s, driving Cow and Calf with Sam.

Friday 30th May 1875

R.McPhillamy sat on Bench part of time. McIntosh and Fletcher engaged in a wages case, Brett v Gavirle, afterwards Morgan Solicitor in trespass on inclosed land. Milly returned from Fox’s. Augustus Morris lunched with Grace. Rain at night.

Saturday 31st May 1875

Sunday 1st June 1875

Did not go to Church, Grace went with Milly. We all dined at the Hawkin’s, Walmer. Returned home at 5. Rain commenced immediately afterward.

Monday 2nd June 1875

Fine day. T.A. Smith of Mulgunnie lunched with us.

Tuesday 3rd June 1875

Milly went to (Trunkey?) riding black pony. Ball at the Smith’s of Lanartta(?). Grace and I went in Hansom. About 100 people, danced with Mrs F Suttor, Mrs Keightley, Miss Stokes, Miss Gilder, Mrs Barton. Left at 2.

Wednesday 4th June 1875

Raining off and on all day. Small debts Court, Rotton and McPhillamy sat for me.

Thursday 5th June 1875

(piece of paper in way in photo)

–ter Session commenced. Isaacs prosecuting – and Pilcher in attendance. And Bassett sat on the Bench with me. Raining all day.

Friday 6th June 1875

Raining off and on all day. My cold and cough worse. Held Mrs H Stephen’s 1 meeting.

Saturday 7th June 1875

Milly returned at 7 from Trunkey.

Sunday 8th June 1873

Fine day. Cough and cold prevented me going to Church. Grace went with Milly in the morning. Judge Josephson called after dinner. I had Neuralgia all day.

Monday 9th June 1873

Drove to Court. Had buggy mended. Raining off and on all day. Cold and cough worse. District Court commenced. Visited Gaol. Daniel returned to his duties.

Tuesday 10th June 1873

Raining all day. Went to Court at 11, Stanger there. Returned at 1 with Milly. I very unwell with Neuralgia, besides cough and cold.

Wednesday 11th June 1873

Raining all day heavily. Cough so bad did not go to Court.

Thursday 12th June 1873

Raining off and on all day. Did not go to Court till 12, obliged to go there being no Magistrates in attendance, my cough and cold and neuralgia still very bad. Engaged hearing assault case, Mr (Cormack?) v McVene(?).

Friday 13th June 1873

Engaged in Court up to 5 on the case of assaulting a Constable. Raining off and on all day. Fletcher engaged by (the Court??) Madame Claus the Violinist and the Bekels gave a Concert to which Milly went.

Saturday 14th June 1873

Weather clearing a little. Milly went again to concert. Milly in the afternoon drove Grace to call on Mrs Fox at (Orton Park?) who has come in for medical advice.

Sunday 15th June 1873

Cough and Neuralgia still bad. Did not go to Church. Grace went with Milly, in the morning. Milly went by himself in the evening, he also took a ride after dinner to Mr Smith’s of Lauate. Raining a little today.

Monday 16th June 1873

Very cloudy day all day, but no rain. Occupied from 10 to 5 in Court hearing assault case, McCormick (Constable) v McKeuna(?). Call on Mr and Mrs M. Lattie (Little?). Cough and neuralgia a little better, but feel weak. Milly went to the concert at C.E. School house.

Tuesday 17th June 1873

Finished assault case by 12. Went home and left at 2.30. Milly went with me a little beyond Favielle’s. Reached Fulton’s by 5.30. Left my horses at Jerents(?) Inn, the river very high. I walked over bridge.

Wednesday 18th June 1873

Left Fulton’s at 9, reached Oberon by 11.30. 23 cases for hearing. After reaching Oberon it began to rain, lasted all day and night. Occupied in Court up to 8 o’clock. My cough still very bad.

Thursday 19th June 1873

Wrote to Grace inclosing letter to (Lydiard, David?) Raining hard all day. Had Court again at 10. Committed Foran and Gibbons for burglary (burglariously?) enter Pollats house. Mr Whalan went to hold inquiry over a lad named Grady, killed by a tree falling upon him.

Friday 20th June 1873

Raining and snowing. Grady’s funeral passed at 12.

Saturday 21st June 1873

Left Oberon at 8.30, reached O’Connell by 11.30, a man named Barlow accompanied me. Called at Fulton’s in passing. River high. I walked across foot bridge. Left O’Connell at 12, reached Bathurst by 2. Roads very bad. My cough very bad and I very weak and tired.

Sunday 22nd June 1873

Did not go to Church as did Grace who was ill from headache. George Pinnock drank tea with us.

The President of Council Sir Terrance A. Murray, died in Sydney, aged

Monday 23rd June 1873

D. Kinna sat on the Bench, he and I differed as to the assault on Constable McCormick by McKennan. Lunched at George’s, Mr and Mrs Cadden there. Donnelly sat with me in Gaol in Well’s case, Bates from Hill End examined. Bates dined and drank tea with us. Consulted Dr Morgan.

Tuesday 24th June 1873

Sutton sat on the Bench with me. Committed Collin S Sherott (Shirnott?) for breaking in to Mutton’s Store. Grace paid visits with Melly, on the Bishop and Mrs Marsden, Mrs Coates (Cortis?), Mrs Ebsworth and Mrs Morgan. A fine day, my cough better.

Wednesday 25th June 1873

Lunched at George’s meeting Mrs McKenzie, who I drove home afterwards at 4.30.

Thursday 26th June 1873

Milly went to Caloola and back today. Case of cattle stealing. W. Lee and Arthur Sutton gave evidence. McIntosh for prosecution, (Stetern?) for prisoners Healy and Horne.

J.W. Lowe of Sidonouth Valley passed the evening and slept here.

Friday 27th June 1873

Drove in by myself. (jumped??) two horses out in McPhillanney’s paddock. Milly came in after and drove Grace to Bathurst to call on the Frank Suttons. Sat on case (?) of Chapman v J.H. Stewart wages 8/- dismissed in another case Mr (Lcotch?) took the objection that a minor could not sue for wages.

Saturday 28th June 1873

A beautiful day. Milly drove me in to the Court and back at 1.30. (Lake Hone?) married to E.S. Watson of Wellington. Rev T Smith called at office respecting my consent. Milly went for a ride with the McPhillamys. Mrs McKenzie called at Mrs Pinnock and Miss Wade. Bishop of Sydney arrived this afternoon from Sydney.

Sunday 29th June 1873

Unable to go to Church owing to my cough. Milly drove his mother in the morning. Raining off and on all day. Bishop of Sydney preached in the morning.

Monday 30th June 1873

Fine day, not cold. Grace and I dined at Bishop Marsden’s meeting Bishop of Sydney, Mr and Mrs Lydiard Mr and Mrs Ebsworth. We went in the Hansom and back. Milly left this evening for Sydney.

Tuesday 1st July 1873

Bench Meeting of Magistrates commenced to re-hear the assault case of Constable McCormack v McKennan. Major Bowler, Webb, Fulton, Stanger, Rotton, N. McPhillamy and Donnelly on Bench. The last 4 fined 2, the last 3 dissenting. I occupied in my room till 5.30 in Committal cases.

Wednesday 2nd July 1873

Intended going by Mail to Rockley at 5.30 a.m. Mail never called, and I too unwell to ride, besides suffering from cough.

Thursday 3rd July 1873

Public Tea Meeting in C.E. School to welcome Bishop of Sydney and Mrs B–, we did not go till 8, room crowded, unable to get proper seats, after hearing the Bishop of Sydney speak we left. About 300 people thee. Ł100 collected.

Friday 4th July 1873

Bishop of Sydney and Mrs Barker, Bishop of Bathurst and Mrs Marsden, Mr and Mrs W.H. Sutton, Mr and Mrs Hawkins and Rev Graham Fox lunched with us at 2 o’clock. Dr and Mrs Morgan sent excuses, she taken ill.

Saturday 5th July 1873

Cloudy and cold with occasional gleam of sunshine. Dove to Court, returned Mrs Pinnock her (Litner?).

Fletcher paid FEE account to end of March.

Sunday 6th July 1873

Cold day with occasional squalls of rain. Grace went to Church in the morning, driven by Sam. The little girl Alice went with her. The Bishop of Sydney preached at Kelso, and in the evening in Bathurst.

Monday 7th July 1873

Bishop Barker and Bishop Marsden paid me a visit at Court House.’

Tuesday 8th July 1873

Fulton sat on the Bench, also Stanger adjourned Yeoman’s application for Publication License, he having been almost in a state of nudity at football on Cricket Ground. Left at 3 o’clock and arrived at Fulton’s at 5.15. Mrs Fulton away.

(in pencil) Young Gore —

Wednesday 9th July 1873

Left Fulton’s at 9, reached Oberon at 11.15. The roads very bad, wet and covered with ice. Whalan sat on the Bench, occupied till 7.30. Commenced raining and snowing soon after opening of the Court. Committed a Mr Hackett for Pergury, he manager of Mines.

Thursday 10th July 1873

Fine day, left Oberon at 9.30. Lunched at Fulton’s which I left at 3, reached home by 5. Overtook Webb driving with Rotton from Lees direction. French dinner to T.T. Welton of the “Tanes,” did not attend, though I took a ticket (Ł1.1).

Friday 11th July 1873

The coldest day I have felt this winter, thick fog and severe frost. Rode into Court. Fulton sat on the Bench part of the time.

An “Orange Lodge” Tea Meeting at Cobb & Co’s new premises. Miss Wiseman from Sydney sang at it. Did not attend it however.

Saturday 12th July 1873

Fine day but very cold wind. Drove Grace into town after lunch. Called at Mrs J. Clements, Mrs Lydiard, and Mrs Wale’s(?), all in!

Sunday 13th July 1873

Very cold day with slight showers in the morning. Grace went to Church in the morning, driven by Sam. Felt unwell all night with stomach ache, headache in the morning.

Monday 14th July 1873

Drove to Court. Audited accounts of C.P.S. Entertainment in connection with School of Arts at Royal Hotel, not well enough to go. Dr Morgan V.P. delivered address. Miss Wiseman sang, and Hales and Combes read.

Tuesday 15th July 1873

Fulton sat on the Bench. Also J Smith and R. McPhillamy. Paid Mutton his rent of Ł30 and agreed with him for 3 years longer at Ł70 per annum, not to be unseverable for fire. Paid Emmett 30/- for pruning garden trees.

Paid (Corb 3 tco –)

Wednesday 16th July 1873

Left home at 8.30, reached Fox’s by 10.30. Waited for him but delayed by his man not finding his horse. Rode by self to Rockley which I reached by 11.30. Steel and Fox sat on Bench. Steel lunched with me, slept at Fox’s for the night.

Thursday 17th July 1873

Left Fox’s after breakfast and rode to Rockley and finish accounts. Left Rockley at 11, called on Fox as I passed, reached him by 3. Frank Sutton and wife called.

Friday 18th July 1873

Clements sat on the Bench with me till 5. McIntosh and Fletcher engaged. Mrs MacArthur and M- Shacter(?) called in the evening.

Saturday 19th July 1873

A beautiful day, but cold. Clements sat on the Bench with me in adjourned cases till 2. Received 1 doz Sherry from Veate & Starcourt Ł2.2 per doz, carriage 6/- to Cobb and Co.

Sunday 20th July 1873

G Pinnock P.N. for Ł20 at 3 months.

Did not go to Church. Grace went with Alice driven by Sam. Drove in to Bathurst after lunch to meet Hale. Drove in a 2nd time with Mrs Gore. Mr Hales went down to Sydney tonight.

Monday 21st July 1873

Mr Hales to Sydney.

Sat on the Bench by myself. McKell acted at C.P.S. Very cold today, snow in the mountains, rain in the night. H. Stephen called on me at Court House

Tuesday 22nd July 1873

Fulton and Stanger sat on the Bench with me.

Wednesday 23rd July 1873

G Pinnock’s Bill at 3 months for Ł20, which I enclosed. Discharged a man by name of Riley, charged with robbing a chinaman of 10/-. Chinamen’s evidence untrustworthy.

Thursday 24th July 1873

A dull cold drizzly day. Sat by myself on the Bench.


From McQuarrie

Friday 25th July 1873

Invited M.H. Stephen to dine(?). Jam 24 –

Cloudy cold and drizzly. M.H. Stephen and — – with me.

Saturday 26th July 1873

Cloudy and cold. Drove Grace into Bathurst after breakfast. Did not leave till 2 o’clock. Grace’s cold worse.

Sunday 27th July 1873

Mrs Machattie and Miss Strachan called after dinner. Grace very unwell, neither of us went to Church. Mr Caird called and drank tea, walked home with George Pinnock in to Bathurst afterward to go down by Mail to Sydney.

Monday 28th July 1873

Fine day, rode out to the Raglan Station to meet David Forbes who arrived by the 5 o’clock Train. He brought new Buggy and horses with him. George Pinnock and — – with us to meet him, afterwards Mrs MacHattie and Miss Strachan called.

Tuesday 29th July 1873

Drove in with David, in his buggy. Dined at 1 o’clock at the Pinnocks. Fulton sat on the Bench with me. Drove David and George Pinnock home at 4. Fulton sat on the Bench.

Wednesday 30th July 1873

David left with Wilkinson for Orange. Beautiful day.

Thursday 31st July 1873

Beautiful day. Jarvis who is supposed to have murdered Muggends brought up before me. Davidson sat on the Bench. Went home to lunch. Commenced to burn coal at 1/6 per cut. 7cut=10/6

Friday 1st August 1873

Mr Hales returned to his duties. Davidson sat on the Bench with me till 7. McIntosh and Morgan engaged in Court. Held Mr (Hejnusu??) 3 Meeting. And Mr Castles Single Meeting.

Bought a load of wood for 11/-.

Saturday 2nd August 1873

Davidson sat on the Bench with me, discharged Oldfield for Pig Stealing. Very warm day, cloudy and threatening for rain, raining in afternoon.

Ensign of Volunteers (Pendray) buried today. Volunteers attended Funeral.

Sunday 3rd August 1873

Did not go to Church. Showery all day long. Grace very unwell from cold and cough. Volunteer Parade and musical service at “All Saints” the band accompanying the choir.

Monday 4th August 1873

Fine day. The Litigation in Gold Case did not appear. In the evening went to Volunteer Concert, Miss Wiseman sang. Grace not well enough to go, but I took Mrs Randolph MacHattie with me. The McIntoshes, McGregors, Mr Richman (Dickans?) Mr Morgan, Mrs Ebsworth, Lydiard, Grindle,

Purchased 3 brace and 2 turkeys for Ł1.

Tuesday 5th August 1873

A lovely day. Rode home to dinner. Fulton and Stanger sat on the Bench with me. Took Mrs Thompson’s acknowledgement at George Pinnock’s request.

Wednesday 6th August 1873

Grace better today. Fulton sat on the Bench with me in my room. Hoskins Rotton and R. McPhillamy attended Court of Requests. Raining hard from 11 o’clock. Pro Note to W.H. Paling for Ł72.13.6, three months after date.

Thursday 7th August 1873

Agreed to give Sam Clayton 15/- per week.

Friday 8th August 1873

Sent Post Office Order to Peal and Co Saddlers, London for Ł5 to pay or harness.

Saturday 9th August 1873

Beautiful day. Rode at 1o’clock to Railway Station to see if Piano had arrived from Sydney, finding it had, rode back to Sawyers and engaged his Spring Cart to bring it this evening to our house for 15/-. Paid Ł1.7.6 for Railway charges for conveyance from Sydney.

Sunday 10th August 1873

Drove Grace to Church in the morning. I went again in the evening. Smith officiated both times.

Monday 11th August 1873

Gold case did not come off, withdrawing.

Went to the Volunteer Concert, Miss Wiseman sang at it. Mrs Hawkins and Frank Sutton there. Introduced to Miss Wiseman by Morgan, as I drove home.

Tuesday 12th August 1873

Fulton sat on the Bench, also Stanger. Occupied till 2.30. Had lunch and left at 5 o’clock, delayed in consequence of visitors with Grace. Reached the River at O’Connell Plains by 6 o’clock, just an hour going.

Wednesday 13th August 1873

Left Fulton at 9, cloudy and cold. Reached Oberon by 11.15. Whalan sat on the Bench, occupied till 7.30. A great number of cases. Slept at McCann’s Inn. Granted Mrs (Mr?) McBride a license.

Thursday 14th August 1873

Left Oberron at10. Raining all day. Did not call at Fultons as I passed, reached home by 3.30. Roads wet and slippery.

Friday 15th August 1873

Held 2 Insolvency Meetings. John (Grimes?) 1st. And E. R. Bells 2nd. The McKenzies and Mrs R Machattie spent the evening with us, to hear the new piano.

Saturday 16th August 1873

Fine in the morning, raining heavily in afternoon. Drove Grace into Bathurst. Strong wind blowing. Purchased white hat at Kell and Alford’s, which was blown out of Buggy by wind and wheel went over it.

Commenced reading “Kenelon Clullingley” by Bulwer.

Dr Trail died.

Sunday 17th August 1873

Very cold day, keen wind. Drove Grace to Church in the morning, and afternoon to the Hawkins’ Walmer, where we dined. Henry Hawkins an wife also there. Mrs Frank Sutton came by herself after dinner, left at 5.30. Mrs Powell sat in our pew.

Mrs Cox, widow of the late Joseph Cox P.M. died.

Monday 18th August 1873

Lovely day. Dined at George Pinnocks, met there Mrs G.A. West. Drove Mrs McKenzie home from Club House. Green brought a load of wood.

Tuesday 19th August 1873

Fulton sat on the Bench

Wednesday 20th August 1873

Left home at 8.30, called at Fox’s on my way, reached Rockley at 11. Steel sat on the Bench with me, lunched at Brownlow’s, slept at Fox’s, only the Governess, Miss Buckly and Children at home.

Thursday 21st August 1873

Left the Fox’s at 10.30, reached home by 1 o’clock. Drove in to Bathurst in the evening.

Friday 22nd August 1873

Held Grive’s (Grire’s?) 2nd Meeting. McIntosh examining for FitzPatrick. Attended Synod Meeting at Parsonage, only the Rev Mr Gunther and E.H Cose (Coll?) present.

Saturday 23rd August 1873

Received voucher for 2 weeks expenses in July. Raining off and on all day. Lunched at Lydiards and met the Premier Parkes, and Herald Reporter, also Canon Smith and Mr Johnson.

At 2.30 Parkes held audience at Court House, about 100 people present. Combes, McL.A., Webb etc attended. Visited Hospital at 4.30. Parkes left for Raglan Station.

Sunday 24th August 1873

Drove Grace to Church in the morning, Gunther of Mudgee preached. Called on G.H. Core (Cose?) after dinner, not in. Drove to Church in the evening by myself, Smith preached, the McKenzies in our pew.

Monday 25th August 1873

Grace went for a drive with Mrs Cortes, horses fidgety. J.A. Smith of Trunkey sat on the Bench, McIntosh and Fletcher defending at prisoner Miller for Cattle Stealing, West prosecuting. Occupied till 6 o’clock.

Tuesday 26th August 1873

Sent away vouchers for (drawing?) Expense. T.A. Smith sat on the Bench with me until 6 p.m. Fulton also sat with me in the morning. McIntosh and Fletcher engaged together defending a prisoner.

Drove the poney in Buggy.

Wednesday 27th August 1873

Drove to Raglan Station expecting to meet Milly, he was not there. McIntosh drove for his daughter Fanny, and Rotton went to meet his daughter and a Miss Hayley of Goulburn.

Thursday 28th August 1873

Drove Grace in to Bathurst in afternoon. Called on Mrs Marsden – and Mrs Ebsworth. Peekes called on Grace, came out with Ebsworth.

Friday 29th August 1873

Milly arrived from Sydney by last nights train. Met him walking out as I drove in for Miss McComb. Grace and I went to party at Mrs Cortis (Cortes?), stayed till 11.30. Very cold coming home.

Saturday 30th August 1873

Beautiful day. Milly drove in to Bathurst with Grace in afternoon. And afterwards rode to Kelso to look at cows. Drove in at 9 p.m. for Miss McComb.

Sunday 31st August 1873

Did not go to Church in the morning, had bad headache. Went in the evening, Bishop preached, took times. Smith at Orange. Mr Hogg dined with us. Grace Pinnock drank tea, drove them to Church.

Received English letters.

Monday 1st September 1873

A beautiful day. Drove in the morning at 9 for Miss McComb. Milly attended Gow Company Meeting. Mr and Mrs Hawkins called on Grace. Left violets for Mrs Fletcher. Begonias for old Mrs Marsden.

Tuesday 2nd September 1873

Fulton, Stanger and Cousins sat on the Bench with me, much provoked at Lydiard refusing to let Constable prove service of Summons on Lahy of Wellington. Fulton lunched with us. I rode to Fox’s afterwards.

Wednesday 3rd September 1873

2nd Sessions.

Pouring rain, left the Fox’s after breakfast, rode to Rockley by 10. Steel sat on the Bench, occupied till 1, had lunch together, left at 2. Reached Fox’s at 2.30 and started at 3.15 with Miss Buckly, raining all the while. Reached home by 6.30. Ball at C. McPhillamy’s, Grace and I went and Mrs R. (McArthur?). Milly also, about 120 people. Pouring rain, thunder and lightning. The Suttons of Wyasdony, Rottons and Miss Hayly, McKenzies, Wade and Miss Duguid, Treps (Tress’s?), Gores, McPhillamys, Mrs, Alice McIntosh, Cousins, Lees, Dargins, Bassetts, Smiths of Lanark, Pilcher, Lydiard, Blunden, Watt, Rutherfords, Peachey, Cayes, Hogg, Hales, Forregh.

Thursday 4th September 1873

Cold and raining all day. 2nd Sessions going on. The 4 Roman Catholic Bishops arrived by special train from Sydney.

Friday 5th September 1873

Fall of snow in the night. Hills covered with snow. Davis the Barrister came up to defend (Puad?) of the Pyramid for Cattle Stealing, found guilty. Wells acquitted, defended by Buchanan. Hackett’s case for Perjury adjourned. Held 2 Insolvency Meetings, Thomas Holsby’s and Banchox.

Saturday 6th September 1873

Fine day but very cold. 2nd Sessions going on, Patrick Smith found guilty of Larceny. Reid, who was found guilty last night, died in the Gaol. Coroner held Inquest, verdict ‘Disease of the Heart.’ Syd Smith lunched here.

Sunday 7th September 1873

Grace and I went to Church in the morning, fine but cold. Milly rode. Drove again by myself at night to Church, pew full of young Larrikins. Mr Machattie and wife also sat with us. Josephson dined with us.

Monday 8th September 1873

New Cow from Martin Ryan sent to me for a fortnight’s trial. District Court commenced today.

Tuesday 9th September 1873

Fulton, Donnelly and Boylson (for first time) sat on Bench. Rode after lunch to O’Connell Plains. Slept at Fultons, threatening for rain. Overtook Mrs FitzPatrick near Lees, thrown from her horse, and hanging by stirrup.

Milly went to Wynedon.

Wednesday 10th September 1873

Left Fulton at 9, Morgan the Solicitor joined me and we rode together to Oberon. Delayed in getting a fresh horse. Delaney and Whalan sat on the Bench. Perjury and an affiliation case. Slept at McGann’s Inn at Oberon.

Thursday 11th September 1873

Heavy showers of rain up to 9 o’clock. Left Oberon at 9.30 with Morgan, the Solicitor. Reached Fultons by 12. Had lunch there and started at 2. A beautiful day in afternoon. Went to Lecture at Church of England School house by Mr Grosvenor, Bunster on “Dickens.”

Milly went to Fox’s.

Friday 12th September 1873

Heavy showers of rain in the morning. Frost previously, cleared away. Dr Morgan sat on the Bench with me.

Saturday 13th September 1873

Drove Grace into Bathurst after lunch.

Sunday 14th September 1873

Very windy and dusty. Drove Grace to Church in the morning and in the evening Milly and I went again. Smith preached both times.

Monday 15th September 1873

Tuesday 16th September 1873

Fulton sat on the Bench with me. Milly rode to McPhillamy’s paddock, Allway Bank, and brought in his mare and black poney.

Wednesday 17th September 1873

A lovely morning, left home with Milly, also Fletcher, at 7.15. Milly took his Mare and black pony to Dunn’s plains paddock. Fox sat on the Bench and he, Milly, Fletcher and Mr Bent lunched at Brownlow’s. Fletcher returned to Bathurst, I slept at Fox’s.

Thursday 18th September 1873

Had a severe bilious attack all night and could not get up until 1 o’clock. Rev Mr and Mrs Soares arrived at Fox’s at 1.30. I left at 2 and reached home about 4.20, very unwell and weak.

Friday 19th September 1873

Very busy all day. Held J and A.L.Curnow’s Insolvency Meeting. Only Mrs Curnow appeared. Very warm day, a sort of hot wind, violent storm of wind and hail, with clouds of dust lasting about 5 minutes. Bishop and Mrs Marsden called.

Saturday 20th September 1873

Sent Vouchers for travelling expenses Sept 2.3.3, Rockley Ł2.10: Sept 9.10.11 Oberon Ł3.15: Sept 17.18 Rockley Ł2.10, total Ł8.15.

New horse nearly killed in stable (only) to being led with too long a halter by Farrell, got his hind leg over and then – his side, the rope twice round the –.

Sunday 21st September 1873

Windy and cold in the morning. Drove Grace to Church. (Jones, Tomy?) and wife there, saw also Teale, Solicitor of Sydney. Called on the R. McPhillamys after Church, detained there by a severe storm of rain and lightning.

Monday 22nd September 1873

A beautiful day. Went home to lunch. Went to Savings Bank. Drove Grace visiting the Smiths of Lanarth, Mrs Cortis, the Sharpes, Mrs Fisher. Grace also called on Mrs Machattie and Mrs Barnabes Smith.

Tuesday 23rd September 1873

A beautiful day but warm. Fulton and Stanger sat on the Bench with me. Fletcher and West engaged on opposite sides. Milly came back from Trunkey, he rode as far as Kelso with me. I slept at Fulton’s.

Wednesday 24th September 1873

Gold Fields dispute at Oberon. Violent headache. Rode from Fulton’s with A. West, reached Oberon by 10.35. Fletcher also at “Oberon” engaged by the Blackmans who had a case against his 7 partners.

Called at Flavelles, christening a baby.

Whalan sat on the Bench.

Thursday 25th September 1873

Held Court at 9 o’clock. Whalan sat on the Bench, occupied till 5. Case adjourned till next Court day. Very fine but warm weather.

Will Menby v Lowe Ł500 10/- Wait

Left Oberon with Fletcher and West, and reached Fultons by 7 o’clock, where I stayed the night. Fletcher and West rode on, but on the road West’s horse fell with him, and broke his elbow joint.

Friday 26th September 1873

Left Fultons at 9 o’clock. He and his wife drove in to Bathurst. Reached Bathurst at 10.30. Sat on the Bench by myself. Committed Wildgust. Dr Bohme of Wellington dined and slept here. Grace had bad headache. Saw Captain Scott, formerly of the 11th .

Left off fines.

Saturday 27th September 1873

Beautiful day, no fires all day. Drove Mrs R. Machattie in to Bathurst. Dr Bohme accompanied me as far as Mrs Machatties. Grace drove in to Bathurst with Milly and called on Mrs Scott, who is staying at Duracks.

Sunday 28th September 1873

Drove Grace to Church in the morning. I went again in the evening. Smith preached both times. Bishop away in Dubbo. H. Price dined with us.

Monday 29th September 1873

Beautiful day. Drove McIntosh to office. Dr Bohme called at office. Mrs Pinnock went to Sydney, took young Daniel to Raglan with her as escort.

Tuesday 30th September 1873

Sent Voucher for travelling expenses “Oberon” 3.15.

A beautiful day. Milly went to Trunkey at 8. Fulton on the Bench. Tom Icely drove out with me in the evening, (for out tea?).

Wednesday 1st October 1873

A lovely morning, left home at 8, reached Fox’s by 10, he rode in to Rockley and sat on the Bench. Audited C.P.S. accounts. Lunched at Brownlows. Slept at Fox’s. Had violent headache in the evening and all night, accompanied with nausea.

Thursday 2nd October 1873

A beautiful day. Left the Fox’s at 10.30, reached home by 1. After dinner drove in to Bathurst to attend Meeting of Trustees of Church held at Parsonage to consider enlargement of Church. Threatening for rain in the evening.

Friday 3rd October 1873

Beautiful day. Milly returned from Trunkey. J. West sat on the Bench. Fletcher and McIntosh engaged in affiliation case of Grives and Hood, order of 5/- a week. Paid M. Ryan 8 for cow. J. Machattie, West and I lunched at Cobb’s Coaches.

Saturday 4th October 1873

Drove in to Bathurst in the morning. Milly drove to Raglan after dinner inquiring to see Lyons. Mrs Lord and Mrs Living came up by train from Sydney to stay with Mrs R. Machattie.

Sunday 5th October 1873

Threatening for rain all day. Drove Grace to Church in the morning. I went by myself and Milly in the evening. Grace walked after dinner to call on Mrs Lord and Mrs R. Machattie’s. Saw Musson in Church in the evening, spoke to him.

Monday 6th October 1873

Raining a little off and on all day, with sunshine. Met Musson as I went to Court, he afterwards called on Grace on his return from Cow Flat. Randwich Bay arrived by Coach at 6. Mr Coulter brought him up. Borrowed Cobb’s buggy.

Tuesday 7th October 1873

Left home after lunch. Threatening for rain, rode as far as Fulton’s by 6.30, where I slept. Cow from Rodwell.

Wednesday 8th October 1873

Left Fulton’s with Fletcher at 8.30. Reached Oberon by 10.15. Whalan, Delaney and Johnson sat on the Bench. Court of Requests day. Whalan and I heard the adjourned case of Blackmans, McIntosh for defendants.

Thursday 9th October 1873

Johnson and McIntosh left Oberon at 2.30. Held Court at 9.30. Whalan and I decided that S.A. Blackman was not guilty. Left Oberon with Fletcher at 3, reached (Conells?) by 5, and home by. Tea Meeting at O’Connell, and lecture in Church by Smith and Havelock.

Friday 10th October 1873

Held Insolvency Meeting of David White. Attended Bible Society Meeting at 4.30 held at Jones’ Bookseller, Dr Geikie, Woolhough(?), Stanger, and (Slone?) present.

Saturday 11th October 1873

Committed a man for robbery at Dricon’s Store. Threatening for rain and about 11 o’clock at night great storms of rain fell, with thunder and lightning. Called on Wise at 3 – still in bed and suffering from his arm.

Sunday 12th October 1873

Milly drove Grace and I to Church in the morning. I drove again in the evening, and brought Mrs Lord and Mrs R Machattie from Church, Mrs Blackman had a severe fall getting from buggy.

Monday 13th October 1873

Fine day. Milly drove to Raglan and brought Captain and Mrs Burne (Baine?) and Miss Carey to our house. I attended meeting of Trustees of Church at Parsonage, and afterwards a meeting at School House as to enlargement of All Saints Church.


Tuesday 14th October 1873

Fine day, I went in sat on the Bench. Committed Mrs (Gurnings?) for false Registration of Mrs Caphs child. Captain Burn drove to Court with Milly. Milly drove the Burns out in direction of Mt Pleasant.

Wednesday 15th October 1873

Left home at 8.30. Reached Fox’s at 10, Fox accompanied me to Rockley. Sat on the Bench with me, in assault cases. Granted a Publican’s License to Cashman. Returned to Fox’s, where I slept. Very bad headache all day.

Thursday 16th October 1873

Left Fox’s at 9. He rode in with me, reached home by 11. Burne, Miss Carey and Milly out riding. Mr and Mrs Hawkins lunched with us at 1.30. Very warm day. Church meeting today at 4.30 as to choosing an architect, did not attend.

Friday 17th October 1873

Meeting of “John Handey (Smiths, Creditors?) and Single Meeting of “Peter Lena.” Captain and Mrs Burne and Miss Carey (Casey?) left for the Suttons, Brucedale. Milly drove them in to Bathurst. Harley Isaacs from Orange called at Court House. Very warm day.

Saturday 18th October 1873

Mark Favieb (Favill?) of Macquarie Plains died today, without a Will.

Sunday 19th October 1873

James Dowling in Church, with the McIntosh’s.

Drove Grace to Church in the morning. Afterwards to the Hawkin’s Walmer where we dined. Walked with Hawkins to the Eglinton Bridge and afterwards to the Frank Suttons. Very warm and threatening to rain. Did not got to Church in the evening.

Monday 20th October 1873

Mark Faviell the Railway Contractor buried at Kelso. Donnelly sat on the Bench. Captain Burn and Mr Sutton junior called at office. Daniel C.C.L. of Wellington, also called about his son, who has been officially reported by Hales.

Tuesday 21st October 1873

Bible Society Meeting, 7.30, I acted as Chairman.

Bad headache all day. Grace lunched at the Hawkins to meet the Burns’ and Mr (W?) Suttons (Suttors?)

Milly drove her there and back.

Wednesday 22nd October 1873

Emily McPhillamy married to W. Pilcher, Solicitor, Armidale. Milly went to the Ball at night. Thunder storm with vivid lightning. Charles Manning arrived with nurse and child.

Thursday 23rd October 1873

Boylson sat on the Bench with me, first time. I opened Roman Catholic Bazaar, at request of Father McCauliffe. Audited Quarterly accounts.

Friday 24th October 1873

Assizes commenced. Hargrave Judge: McArthur associate. Davis prosecuting. Captain Burne (and his brother from Forbes0 passed the evening with us. Sent Voucher for Travel Expenses. Lunched at Dr Morgans. Met Bode.

Saturday 25th October 1873

A fine day. English letters delivered today. Bad news of Charlotte from Russell. Not expected to live. (5th Sept). Sydney Smith drank tea with us. Charles Manning dined with Davis, to meet his friend Otter, who is travelling for his health.

Sunday 26th October 1873

Drove Charles Manning to Church. Grace did not go the Church. Did not go in the evening. Raining in the evening. Judge Hargrave sat in our pew. Dr and Mrs Tibbits in Church. Saw Etta and Friva Marsh and spoke to them, they are at school here.

Monday 27th October 1873

Summoned a new Jury for Friday. Went to School of Arts Entertainment at Royal Hotel. Mr Tibbits read, also Mr R.B. Rae. Mrs R Machattie, McKenzie, Smiths, Morgans, Duguin etc. Assizes still going on. Last night of Roman Catholic Bazaar.

Tuesday 28th October 1873

A lovely day. Drove to Mt Pleasant. Bell driving my young horse. Webb (M.C.A.0 and Bennett, Commissioners also went as to taking Stone from Stewarts to repair roads. Miller for Cattle Stealing, acquitted. Jarvis for murder of Muggeridge to be tried in Sydney. Charles Manning went to Brucedale and back.

Wednesday 29th October 1873

Milly went to a party at the McKenzies. I lunched with Judge Hargraves.

Thursday 30th October 1873

Dined with Judge Hargrave, also McIntosh, McHattie, Pilcher, Buchanan, Rotton, Bolton, Davis, Manning, Jackson. Thunder storm after I got home.

Friday 31st October 1873

Sir James Martin retained especially from Sydney, for the defence in the case of “Buchanan v McMahon” for cattle stealing. Jury acquitted prisoner. First only meeting, Charles James Lynn.

Heavy rain all day. Thunder and lightning.

Saturday 1st November 1873

A beautiful day, hot sun, but cool breeze. Lunched with Judge Hargraves at Phillip Hotel. Charles Manning left, I drove him in to Bathurst, his child and nurse going in the Hansom cab.

Mrs Cummings, (Mrs Caple’s sister) tried for falsely registering a child of Mrs Caples as hers. Found guilty. Judge at first ordered 2 weeks imprisonment but on Pilcher’s stating her being near her confinement only a fine of Ł5 was inflicted upon her.

David Buchanan left for Sydney.

Sunday 2nd November 1873

Beautiful day. Laid up with severe sick headache, obliged to send an excuse to McIntosh, having been invited to dinner there to meet Judge Hargraves and Davis. McArthur dined here. Neither Grace nor I went to Church. Milly went both times. George Pinnock drank tea.

Monday 3rd November 1873

Assizes finished middle day. Meeting of Bench of Magistrate to consider presenting an address to Sir A Stephen on his retirement from office. 17 Magistrates present. Judge Hargraves left tonight. I was in Monk’s case, could not agree discharge at 9 o’clock.

Moonlight concert. Drove Mrs Machattie home.

Tuesday 4th November 1873

Young Kite’s funeral at Kelso, which I attended by request. Drove Mr McPhillamy there. Sat in Richards pew. The Suttons, Lees, etc were there, also the Bishop and Canon Smith who assisted at Funeral Service. Milly drank tea at –. Visited Gaol, and gave Bail to Riley, also to Montes.

Wednesday 5th November 1873

Paling Bill due 72.13.6

Hawkins sat on the Bench for me, at Small Debts Court. Concert at Raglan in aid of debt upon the Church. Agreed to drive Mrs McKenzie there, but the evening looked so rainy that she did not go.

Thursday 6th November 1873

Lydiard objected to Police guard prisoners whilst cleaning out Court House. Visiting Gaol, 2 condemned prisoners in it visited by Chaplain since Sunday week. Very warm(?) evening, had a find afternoon.

Friday 7th November 1873

J..T. Bryan’s 2nd Insolvency Meeting. Drove Mrs R. Machattie to Bathurst, after lunch, very cold, wind blowing. Had fire in he evening. Attended Church Enlargement Meeting at 4.30 at Parsonage. Bishop in Chair. Adopted Bricklayer’s plans. G. Palmer sat on Bench with me in Green v Green (settled?) McIntosh appeared for the defendants.

Saturday 8th November 1873

Lovely day. Milly engage man to mow George’s Lucerne paddock. Hales and myself had (hard, tight?) words as to young Daniel. He, Hales, denies having stated to me he would not report him if he resigned. And yet in the same breath privately tells me if he does not resign he will withdraw all his papers. He forgets that he allowed Daniels Father to leave under the impression of not reporting his son.

W. Forster M.L.A. married to Miss Julia Edwards.

Sunday 9th November 1873

Drove Grace to Church in the morning, Smith preached. In the evening drove Mrs Gore to Church, Soares preached, Hay the President in Church. Milly went to Brucedale for the day. Threatening for rain. After dinner called on H. Price and the Miss Marsh’s at School.

Monday 10th November 1873

Public Holiday. Picnic given by Mrs McKenzie, cricket match, could not go. Very warm in middle of day, cold at night. Volunteer Concert held in market, and Kennedy’s entertainment at Royal Hotel. Went to neither. Drove with Grace to the Cass’s Kelso. Mrs W. Oakes and Mrs H Hawkins. Headache.

Tuesday 11th November 1873

Pouring rain all day. Fulton came in nevertheless, sat on the Bench with me. Unable to start for Oberon owing to the rain.

Wednesday 12th November 1873

Started from home at 8 a.m., reached O’Connell by 10, river very high. Did not cross. Returned to Bathurst, lunched with Joseph West on the way. Reached home by 4.

Bishop and Mrs Marsden left for Mudgee today, overtook them on the bridge.

Thursday 13th November 1873

A beautiful day, wind cold however. Sam and is father digging in garden. Mob of F. Sutton’s horses sold by Oakes, and brought in Ł12.10 unbroken. Boyle – sat on Bench with me.

Went with Milly to the – (light pencil)

Friday 14th November 1873 – (light pencil)

Palmer sat on the Bench with me. (illegible.)

Saturday 15th November 1873(light pencil)

  • – up to 10 o’clock, afterwards O’Connell — (illegible) — afterwards he saw I had not difficulty — – – in Daniel’s matter.

Sunday 16th November 1873

Drove Grace to Church in the morning: after dinner went to Richard’s, met Mrs Fisher there. Drove George to Church in the evening. Miss Strachan drove back with me. Beit and wife in Church.

Monday 17th November 1873

Donnelly, Kinna and Guy of Sydney sat on the Bench. Sent official letter to Colonial Secretary, with Hales report about Daniel. Hales informed me he intended writing to Colonial Secretary and that he would (not?) withdraw all private conversations. Grace called on Miss Palmer.

Tuesday 18th November 1873

Fulton and Stanger sat on Bench, also Joe West. Consulted Price about Hales. Sent his official letter to Colonial Secretary. Left home with Milly at 5, reached Fox’s at 7 where we slept. Mrs Davis in Gaol. Fire at night.

Wednesday 19th November 1873

Rode with Fox to Rockley. Sat on the Bench with Steel, Stanger, Fox and O’Brien. Pascoe’s application for License adjourned. Left Rockley at 2 and rode with Fox home. Stayed the night with us. Cold and blowing.

Thursday 20th November 1873

Left Bathurst with Mr Johnson in his buggy at 12, reached Oberon at 5, put up at Mrs McBrides. Very warm all day. Fire at night. (Medley in Bathurst). Milly to “Charlton.”

Friday 21st November 1873

Threatening for rain, with occasional light showers. Whalan and Hughes sat on the Bench with me. Johnson took Gold Case himself. Had lunch and left Oberon at 2.15 and arrived at my gate at 6.15 (just 4 hours). Cricket match between Orange – and Bathurst.

Saturday 22nd November 1873

Cloudy and raining hard, off and on all day. Rode to Court, no cases for hearing. Thunder storm in the night. It is reported that Baylis’s Stack of new hay was burnt owing to the lightning striking it.

Sunday 23rd November 1873

Raining in the morning. Drove Grace to Church in the morning. H. Holloran of Sydney there. Drove Layard to the dinner and back. Drove George Pinnock to Church in the evening, and Miss Strachan home.

Monday 24th November 1873

Nomination of Members for East McQuarie. Rotton the favourite. Milly returned from Fox’s. I attended the Bible Society Meeting at 4.30. Called on Halloran –

Tuesday 25th November 1873

Left home at 8.30, reached Fox’s by 10 o’clock, and Rockley by 11. Stanger, Steel, (Tround?) O’Brien sat on the Bench. Granted Pascoe’s License. Stanger dissenting. Slept at Fox’s –

Wednesday 26th November 1873

Rode to Rockley by 10. Dr O’Brien sat on the Bench, case of Master and Servant. Settled by advice of Bench. Fox and Stewart called for me on their way. Had lunch at Fox’s, and left with Stewart at 2, reached home by 4 o’clock. Never went out for a walk.

Thursday 27th November 1873

Very warm day. McIntosh received retainer from S.B. Daniels of Wellington, to watch the investigation about to be made into the conduct of his son the A.C.P.S. reported by Hales.

Naylors Concert tonight, I did not go for various reasons. Miss Wiseman of Sydney sang at Naylor’s concert.

Friday 28th November 1873

Faviell’s sale of furniture at 12 o’clock. Milly went, did not return till 7.30. Got very thunder storm in the evening.

Sent Voucher for travelling Expenses 18th and 19th “Rockley” Ł2.10. 20th and 21st “Oberon” to Ł2.10. 25th and 26th “Rockley” for Ł2.10. Total Ł7.10.

Saturday 29th November 1873

Rain in the night, and occasional showers during day. Mrs McIntosh called on Grace. Meeting of Magistrates to consider Sir A Stephen’s declining dinner to him. W.H. Suttor, Hawkins, Ranken, Machattie, Rotton, Rutherford, McPhillamy present.

Fosbery arrived by day mail.

Sunday 30th November 1873(light pencil)

Drove Grace to Church in the morning, looked like rain. Took the Sacrament. Smith preached, Bishop in Church. Williams had (prepared?) Volunteer afternoon Service.

Monday 1st December 1873(light pencil)

Saw Daniel and Gardiner of Wellington. Josephson and Isaacs arrived, saw the latter who went to Sydney the night Layard returned. Attended (Savings Bank?).

Tuesday 2nd December 1873(light pencil)

Bad headache all day. Went in to Bathurst at 9. Saw Price. Fulton sat on the Bench , spoke to Stanger, Corte’s Ward, D Godbery, commenced inquiry into charges by Hales regards Daniel

Wednesday 3rd December 1873

Gave W. Hales Criminal Statistical Return to prepare which I received yesterday fro Register General.

Miss Woolley arrived, Milly went to Raglan and brought her and little Heath–. Alice fell down and sprained knee.

Thursday 4th December 1873

2nd Session Commenced. Ward and Forbey examined Hawkins, Stanger and I McPhillamy also, McIntosh and myself as to C.P.S. office. Ward and Forbey called, Dr Morgan came to see Alice.

Friday 5th December 1873

Fox called and gave letter of introduction to Rolleston. Grace ill with headache, on her bed. Mrs Smith, Miss Palmer and Mrs E. Docker called. Bible Society Meeting at 4.

Saturday 6th December 1873

A warm day. 2nd Session finished. Ward and Foskey left Bathurst by Day Train for Sydney. Miss Watson passed the day and slept here. Judge Sorepton(?) called. Milly swapped his mare with R. McPhillamy.

Sunday 7th December 1873(light pencil)

Very warm day. Drove Miss Woolley and Miss Watson at 10 to Church, returned for Grace at 10.30. Called in the afternoon at St. Stanislaus College. Drove Grace to Church in the evening. Bishop preached there. Smith in Sydney.

Monday 8th December 1873(light pencil)

Milly drove me in, in the buggy, District Court Sitting. Donnelly sat on the Bench with me. Attended Saving Bank today. W.H. Suttor in town(?).

Tuesday 9th December 1873(light pencil)

Very heavy fog this morning. Fulton sat on the Bench. (Mr and Mrs Neny?? called.) Left home at 5, reached Fulton’s by 7. A Miss Ferguson staying there.

Wednesday 10th December 1873

Left Fulton’s at 8.30. Reached Oberon at 10.30. Delaney, Whalan and Hughes sat on the Bench with me. 12 – debt cases – and others. Left Oberon at 6, reached Fulton’s by 7.

Very warm day.

George to purchase grey mare and food for Ł3.5 from Road maker.

Thursday 11th December 1873

Left Fulton’s at 11.30, reached Lagoon by 12.30, and home by 3.30. Drove Grace and Miss Woolley to the Lecture by Mrs Greenwood on Livingston at Royal Hotel. I acted as Chairman, about 70 people present.

Friday 12th December 1873

Correction of –. Occupied until 5. Lecture by Rev Mrs Backhouse, only Busby Parker and myself of the Committee, and a few children. A perfect failure and Mr Backhouse very much dismayed at the (discussion?).

Saturday 13th December 1873

Very warm and dust blowing in volumes in the town.

Sunday 14th December 1873(light pencil)

Very bad headache. Did not got the Church in the morning. Milly drove Grace, Miss Woolley, and Ada Watson in Bennetts buggy. Drove in the evening to Church. Smith preached. — –

Monday 15th December 1873 (light pencil)

Very warm day. Commenced to – Ł14.10. for


Tuesday 16th December 1873

St Stanislaus College Examination. Grace and Miss Woolley went with Milly at 10. I joined them there at 11.30. Stayed till 1. Fined the Peel Gang men for obstructing Highway. J. Suttor gave them a (character, chamber? Charabanc?) Gambling case afterwards. Fulton sat on the Bench with me.

Wednesday 17th December 1873

Left with Milly at 9, he to Fox’s, I to Rockley by 11. Very warm and dusty. Dr O’Brien sat on the Bench. Lunched at Brownlows. Called on Mrs Fox’s at 3.30 and rode back with Milly home by 6.30

Thursday 18th December 1873

Purchased Bennetts buggy and harness at 25.10. Did not got in to Bathurst until 3. Called with Grace and Miss Woolley at Dr (O’Briens) and Smith and Lanarth. Milly drove Miss Woolley home and Grace called on Rev T Smith, Mrs Gordon, I Bishop and Mrs Marsden. Milly and I went to Concert called on Marsh at Durant’s at 10.

Friday 19th December 1873

Appointed Electoral Bill Collectors. Rotton objected to the Police being appointed. Fulton and R McPhillamy agreed. Palmer and I dissented. Fulton and I occupied until 5 with Gambling Case, adjourned until Tuesday next.

Saturday 20th December 1873

Miss Woolley left. Milly drove her (with Miss Watson) to Raglan in time for 10.30 train.

Clancy commenced drawing in the hay. About 3 ˝ tons only.

Sunday 21st December 1873

Drove with Grace and Milly to Church in the morning. Late for Church, 1st Lesson. Drove Grace after dinner to Mrs Richards. Peebles drank tea, also George Pinnock who was ill from headache. Mrs McKenzie and family to Sydney.

Monday 22nd December 1873(light pencil)

Donnelly sat on he Bench with me, and J. Smith (ill afterwards at-??) McIntosh –

Emily Manning married to Mr Hiron at St John’s Church, Sydney.

Peebles to Sydney tonight, took my watch.

Tuesday 23rd December 1873

Fulton and Stanger sat on the Bench. Fulton committed Chinaman Ah Chup for Gambling. Milly brought home the “Vanguard” colt given me by R. McPhillamy.

Mclean, the Sheriff in Bathurst.

Wednesday 24th December 1873

Sent vouchers for Travelling expenses in Dec for 6.5 to Under Secretary “Department of Justice and Public Instruction.”

Very warm day.

Charles went to Circus.

Thursday 25th December 1873 – Christmas Day

No evening service at the Church.

Grace went with Milly to Church in the morning. Very warm. Thunder storm at night. Did not leave home all day. The Fox’s in Church today.

Friday 26th December 1873

Very warm, but cooler than yesterday. Wrote to Charles Manning and to Sir A Stephens address. Let Charles take a ride after dinner. Milly went to Races. Cricket Match between the Redfern and Bathurst Cricket Clubs today. Did not go.

Saturday 27th December 1873

Milly went to Brucedale riding “Mazappa.” Drove Grace in the afternoon in to Bathurst. Called on the R. Oake’s and Mrs Strickland, all out. Then on the Mrs Smiths and Dr Machatties. Then on Mrs Busby.

Sunday 28th December 1873

Drove Grace to Church in the morning. Heavy rain commenced as we drove home and on continued up to night, unable to go to the evening Church. Hale’s brother from Tasmania in Church. Smith preached, Bishop the helper. No letters today.

Monday 29th December 1873

Meeting of Bench of Magistrates as to whether the Constables could be employed as (nobs?) ( as Rotton wished) in Collecting Elections Rolls. The Bench by large majority decided that the Police could collect.

Tuesday 30th December 1873

Mr Fulton sat on the Bench with me, also Stanger. Fulton drove to our house and lunched with us. Very warm day.

Wednesday 31st December 1873

Drove to Mt Pleasant after tea, to call on Mrs Fisher, who is staying with the Stewarts. Beautiful moonlight night. Mr Pilger died at his residence near Mt. Pleasant. Midnight Service at the different Churches, did not go.

Dec 30.1872

P/N of G.F. Wise at 4 months for Ł65.

Payeable Bank of Australasia, Sydney.