Edward Dudley Marsh –
Information from ‘Desert Column’ Australian Military History of the Early 20th Century:-

6th Australian Light Horse Regiment AIF.
Embarked from Sydney on HMAT A29 Suevic on 21st December 1914
Edward is described as a 30 year old farmer from Balmain East, NSW. Enlisted 14th October 1914.
Australian Imperial Force – Attestation Paper of Persons Enlisted for Service Abroad – Edward Dudley Milbourne Marsh – 14th October 1914. Of Sydney. Natural born British Subject aged 29 years and 1 month. Occupation –Farmer. Father listed as George Milbourne Marsh, 27 Nicholson St, Balmain East, Sydney. Signature of Attesting Officer – D.J Cross.
Oath to be taken by person being enlisted.
I, Edward Dudley Milbourne Marsh swear that I will well and truly serve our Sovereign Lord the King in the Australian Imperial Force from 14.10.1914 until the end of the War, and a further period of four months thereafter unless sooner lawfully discharged, dismissed, or removed therefrom; and that I will resist His Majesty’s enemies and cause His Majesty’s peace to be kept and maintained; and that I will in all matters appertaining to my service faithfully discharge my duty according to law.
So help me Got,
Signed E.D. Milbourne Marsh
Taken and subscribed at Liverpool in the State of New South Wales, this fourteenth October of 1914, before me D.J. Cross, Lieut.

Description of E.D M. Marsh.
Age 29 years, 1 month.
Height 5 feet, 7 inches.
Weight 10st, 9 bls
Chest Measurement 34 ½ – 38 ½ inches
Complexion – Dark
Eyes – Brown
Hair – Dark brown.
Religious Denomination – Church of England.

Statement of Service of No.15 Edward Dudley Milbourne Marsh

14th October 1914
Unit in which served – 6th Light Horse – Trooper

Tuesday 3rd November 1914
Routine Order No.5 – by Colonel C.F.Cox C.B. V.D. – Commanding Officer 6th LightHorse, Liverpool (Oz)
Signallers – 95. E.D.Marsh – Headquarters.
The above Regimental Signallers will parade at a time to be notified later and proceed to Broadmeadows, Melbourne for training.
Signed N.D. Russell, Lieut. Acting Adjutant.

Wednesday 4th November 1914
Routine Order No.6 by Colonel Cox C.B. V.D. Commanding 6th Light Horse Regiment. Liverpool
Signallers: (7) The undermentioned signallers have proceeded to Melbourne for training.
954 – E.D. Marsh.

5th November 1914
Routine Order No.7 – by Colonel C.F. Cox commanding 6th A.L. Horse, 2nd Light Horse Brigade A.I.E. Liverpool.
The following is the renumbering of the Nominal Roll of the Regiment.
Headquarters Staff.
Lieutenant Colonel C.F. Cox C.B. V.D. Commanding.
Major C.D. Fuller, Second in Command (T.P.Abbott crossed out)
Captain & Adjutant G.C.S. Somerville
Captain & Quartermaster.
⦁ Regimental Sergeant Major W.D. Parkin(?) (G.McFeeley crossed out)
⦁ Regimental Quartermaster Sergeant A.C. Thompson
⦁ Trooper Melville W.
⦁ Orderly Room Sergeant Legge. W.G.P
⦁ Trooper W.J. Hunt
⦁ Sergeant Cook E.Pateman
⦁ –
⦁ Trooper H. Nice
⦁ Trooper G.A. Crowley
⦁ Trooper H. Hartley
⦁ Signaller E.T. Wildey
⦁ Signaller T.L. Tustin
⦁ Trooper W.J. McGuiness
⦁ Signaller A. Smith
⦁ Signaller Corporal E.D.M. Marsh
⦁ Trooper F.L. Duberly
⦁ Signaller Sergeant J. Back
⦁ Signaller Corporal J.L. Bryson
⦁ Trooper D.E. Townshend
⦁ Trooper V.G. Collins
⦁ Trooper J.S. Pizarro
⦁ Driver N.L. Metcalf
⦁ Driver(?) W. Gordon
⦁ Trooper H.Roser
⦁ Trooper R.Cant
⦁ Trooper E. Larner
⦁ Trooper J.G. Bruce
⦁ Trooper P.G. Little
⦁ Trooper T.J. Alford
⦁ Trooper M.A. O’Donnell
⦁ Trooper E.T. Reid
⦁ Trooper V.W. Murray
⦁ Trooper T.J. Cook
⦁ Trooper J.H. Harvey
⦁ Trooper G. Hamilton
⦁ Trooper J. McGillvray
⦁ Trooper W. McDonal
Captain Medical Officer
Captain Veterinery Office
Armourer Sergeant G. Glover
Corporal H. Whitford A.M. Corps
Trooper J.W. Whitby A.M. Corps
Trooper J. Caldwell A.M. Corps

Routine Order No.16
Equipment. No.9
It is necessary for every man to have a pair of deck shoes for board ship. A quotation has been received and accepted for the Regiment, supplying the best shoes at 3/-per pair. Squadron Sergeant Majors will obtain the sizes from each Squadron and furnish the Adjutant with same immediately. Squadron Officers will deduct 3/- from each man’s pay when paying.
Signed Lieut M.D. Russell, Acting Adjutant.

5th December 1914
Routine Order No.38
Reported for Duty – No(11). The following Signallers reported for duty, having returned from Signal School, Broadmeadows. 5/12/14
No.661 Acting Corporal J. Pack
No.18 Trooper L.Bryson
No.954 Trooper E.D. Marsh
No.665 Trooper T.L. Tustin
No.532 Trooper A. Smith
No.647 Trooper R.S. Michael
No.180 Trooper E.S. Wildoy

16th December 1914
6th Light Horse Regiment. 2nd Light Horse Brigade, A.I.F.
March Out.
The detail as per R.O. para 8, will Route March to Sydney at 10 p.m. Rations for two meals will be carried in haversack. Horses will be fed and watered at Deadmans Creek. Horses to be watered and fed at No.3 Woolloomooloo Wharf by 7a.m. on 17th ready of embarkation.
Signed A.C. Thompson R.Q.M.S.

16th December 1914
Routine Order No.49

  1. Leave. Referring to B.O.29, para 2, no leave will be granted to any member of the 6th Light Horse Regiment after 6.30a.m. on 16th instant without special approval of the Brigadier.

Casualty Form – Active Service
Regiment No.15. Rank Corporal Signaller. Date of promotion to present rank – 20th Dec 1914

21st December 1914
Transport ‘Suevic’ – cast off morning, and cleared Sydney Heads at 3.45pm.


George.M. Marsh Jnr Diary
No.2 Australian General Hospital
2nd A.I.E. Forces
(Australian Infantry Engineer)
(Uncle Jack Marsh)
Mentioned a lot in JAMM’s diaries.

Australian War Memorial Information.

George Milbourne Marsh
Service Rank 719
Rank – Private
Roll Title 2nd Australian General Hospital (Nov 1914)
Date of Embarkation – 28th November 1914
Place of Embarkation – Sydney
Ship Embarked – HIMAT Kyarra A55
Age 37
Marital Status – Single
Occupation – Clerk
Son of George Milbourne Marsh, 27 Nicholson St, Balmain, N.S.W.
Religion C.of E.
Date Joined – 10.10.1914
Returned Australia 3 July 1919
Meritorious Service Medal
Born 1877

Wikipedia info:-
HMAT Kyarra was a 6,953 ton steel cargo and passenger luxury liner, built Scotland and sailed owned by the United Steam Navigation Company Ltd of London. Requisitioned 6th Nov 1914 and converted to a hospital ship to transport Australian medical units to Egypt.

Asked Charlie to send Melbourne photos
To first dozen:-
Mater, Aunt Fan, Jen. Mrs Hatch (2)
Edith H. Eila, Begg, Em, E.M.Benj
Aunt May, Coz M. Coz Minnie.

2nd Dozen
Mrs Tgd, Miss Dn, Lou. Bayly, Ron, F.K. Roberts (Robertson?)
Campbell, Jess Cole, Davis, x, Alec. B.
Claude Cornwell, Alys B.

Dud Marsh (Dudley Marsh) – 6th Light Horse,2nd L.H. Brigade
Mediterranean Expedition Force, Gallipoli Peninsular.


Monday 23rd November 1914
Fatigue on wharf all day.
Sat in camp and poor tea.

Tuesday 24th November 1914
8-10 8-10
2-4 2-4
& (scluf?) meals.

Friday 27th November 1914
6pm off Guard

Saturday 28th.
No leave – Wharf & Fatigue.

Sunday 29th. November 1914
Church Parade
Off 2-6pm
Guard duty 6pm

Monday 30th November 1914
Off Guard 6pm
On Leave 7-11pm

Tuesday 1st December 1914
Leave 9-12pm

Wednesday 2nd December 1914
Mess Orderly, Kit inspection
On Guard Duty 6pm

Thursday 3rd December 1914
Off ditto 6.15. Leave till 11.00

Friday 4th December 1914
Shoes issued. Leave 2-12

Saturday 5th December 1914
Wharf Fatigue – March and sailed.

Sunday 6th December 1914
Mess orderly and Church Guard
11.am & 7pm

Monday 7th December 1914
Mess Orderly. Washing.

Tuesday 8th December 1914
Physical Drill. (Spungthorpe?)
Lecture 2pm. Health & (Legg?) Col. – – – –

Wednesday 9th December 1914
a.m. Fatigue ( Washydrain? )
Lecture Col. (Spungthorp Trodd?)

Thursday 10th December 1914
10am Boat Parade (Boot Parade?)
Boat R. portside. Paid 16/- 1/1 a day.
2pm Lecture Major (Rand? Finere?)

Friday 11th December 1914
C.O. inspected. Sling Hammocks and then passed on deck. (Cead wrote?)
Lecture Major Gray – Wounds

Saturday 12th December 1914
Fatigue Duty 9.30. Washed centre troop deck. Nothing doing.
[At Fremantle]
Plank for nurses to Hulk.
Took Duval’s place Guard. Then he turned up.

Sunday 13th December 1914
Did Rockford’s Fatigue as he had (aft?) apt. 3.00 Hot bath and dressed and washing. After tea Jonas Hill (rest? went?) shore Fremantle.

Monday 14th December 1914
Leave after a struggle. 9.30 – noon.
10.am train Perth – back 12.30. On Parade all afternoon, waiting, inspected by Gov. Sir (H?) Barton – Roll call after tea. (washed?) 7.
(Barton = Capt Alan Sinclair Darval Barton)

Tuesday 15th December 1914
Hospital 10pm – 2a.m. – noon – (mam?) till nearly 3pm. Return; (blacks?)
Lecture on Helpless Patients by Major.

Wednesday 16th December 1914
Hospital 10pm – 2a.m. & 10am – (4pm?)
Lecture by Captain Storey – Haemorrhage

Thursday 17th December 1914
Hospital ditto
Lecture by Major Haemorrhage.

Friday 18th December 1914
Hospital ditto
Lecture – Capt (Mondergie?) Armstrong.

Saturday 19th December 1914
Hospital 7.30am -2. (Dip Ar — – )
To shift Piano by Emmett
Missed lecture

Sunday 20th December 1914
Hospital ditto Coco’s Islands
Heat intense. (Brush?) and wash (Yarn’s?) Kit.

Monday 21st December 1914
Mess Orderly – SAP
Captain Reiach (Roach?) on Ship Hygiene

Tuesday 22nd December 1914
Fatigue Duty 7am & 9.30 Stairs etc (Lay aft?)
Lecture Captain McK – Fractures.
Rested and wrote a little.
(Part of China, Port of hissa??)

Wednesday 23rd December 1914
Physical Exercise. – Kart(?)
Inspection on Boat Deck. 5.30(?)
No.2 G.H. Sports on Prom (letters on right of page difficult to read)
7.30 Choir Practice.

Thursday 24th December 1914
Paraded (n Cape Paid?)
Neptune fun. Boat (stroms?)

Friday 25th December 1914
Communion Service. 9a.m. off – –
a/c light pants Casy Aft – – –

Saturday 26th December 1914
Guard 10-12. Wind – – –
4-6 10-12 & 4-6

Sunday 27th December 1914
Ashore 10am – 6pm Colombo.

Monday 28th December 1914
Fatigue – Xmas Addds rear Orderly.

Tuesday 29th December 1914
Ashore 9.30 2.
No work.
Sailed 7pm.

Wednesday 30th December 1914
Extra Fas. M Wail 9 – now K Kit?

Thursday 31st December 1914
W.M Holydon Guard Deck – Water supply Lecture 2pm.